A Year In Review | 2015

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I feel like it wasn’t long ago I was doing a year in review for 2014 but here we are in good ‘ole 2016, fresh as a daisy, with a renewed sense of hope and motivation still looming in the air. So new, that I’ve decided to rename 2016 “Sweet Sixteen”, because I’m hoping it’s going to be pretty freakin’ sweet.

Looking back at 2015, it was full of adventures. In January, we took a trip to the mountains and had a four hour hike. In February, we flew to colorado, where we visited friends and spent Valentine’s Day, saw Sapphire Point, The Great Divide, and got the chance to ice skate every morning. In May, I got an early birthday present and bought a new guitar, totally intending on teaching myself how to play again (that’s still a work in progress…). Around the same time, I fell back in love with journaling after not writing for four years and now have a collection of blank notebooks waiting for me (much like in high school). We saw a niece graduate high school and celebrated my 29th birthday in June. Went to a Planner Meet Up and met some new friends. Visited Gunston Hall for the first time (and fell in love with the grounds). Saw Shania Twain in concert in July, checking this off my bucket list! Vacationed at the beach. Checked another concert off my wish list when I saw NEEDTOBREATHE in August, then visited the beautiful ruins of Rosewell. September, we were itching to celebrate fall, and went to The Apple House and picked up some yummy donuts. We had fun apple picking with my sister-in-law and her family and visiting a sunflower field. In October, we celebrated Back to the Future Day. We went to Monticello and explored the abandoned home at Swannanoa (post coming soon!). Gave in to getting Snapchat and started a space on the blog called Adventures In Snapchat Land. And finally, took a walk down memory lane during Christmas.

I feel like 2015 was jam packed with fun stuff at every corner. I’m wondering if 2016 can top it?

Cheers to the New Year!

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