Visiting Colorado | Part 2 | Valentines Day

Valentines Day in Colorado was filled with fun sites that no matter where you went it felt romantic! Our hosts showed us some amazing sites that were simply breathtaking, like Sapphire Point, including a little town, Breckenridge, that was simply adorable. I think David and I both agreed it was the best Valentine’s Day yet.

David and Brandie V-Day 2015{Getting ready for the day! Our 13th Valentines Day together!}


{Sapphire Point, which is where our hosts got married! Beyond gorgeous at this site.

It looks like a painting that came to life!}


{Flower petals on a snowy trail}


{Mountain selfie…}

IMG_20150214_141655{Oh, you know, just the casual car selfie…}


David and Brandis Colorado 2015

David and Brandon Colorado 2015{My mom pointed out to me that my brother, Brandon, and David were walking exactly alike. Of course I had to capture that. It was quite humorous!}

IMG_20150214_180653{My mom with her three oldest. There’s five of us total!}


20150214_170117{Stop. It’s Hammer Time}

We were beyond grateful to be shown such beauty on Colorado on a day full of love. Cheers to a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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