“Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds”

Ever since last April, I’ve been journaling like my life depends on it. I’ve kept a journal ever since I was eight, but began doing it as “my thing” back in high school. Every time I would go to the bookstore, a trip to the journal and notebook section was a must. My collection of empty journals that were waiting to be used grew. They stayed safely on my bookshelf, where I would occasionally thumb through my collection. Then they lived in a plastic bin in the attic. When I left home I didn’t take them with me since I didn’t have the space, and it may seem weird that I mourned not having them with me.


In my early twenties I journaled way more often than I did as a teenager, or so it felt. The entries were longer. But it still took me about two or three years to fill one up. I never realized that I was actually building a relationship with the journal as I wrote and filled the pages over the few years that I kept each journal.

They feel like old friends now.


But then there came a time in my life where every creative outlet I had shut down. I felt stifled and life became very stagnant. Anything I wrote in my journal felt pointless and I wrote about the same things over and over again. It was a time when life wasn’t happy, where you would think a journal would be the perfect outlet, but I lost motivation or any need for it. I felt that there was nothing worth writing about, which was sad to me since I had been writing for most of my life. I left my beloved hobby for four years.

It wasn’t until I saw a post over at Le Zoe Musings about this gorgeous Carpe Diem notebook. I spotted it at TJ Maxx, fell in love and for about $4, simply had to have it (a little tip if you’re into journals/notebooks like me – TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, and Ross usually have a selection of really nice ones to choose from for really cheap). I hadn’t had the need or want to buy a new journal in such a long time and I actually felt a little guilty buying it that day. But it was the thing that fueled my passion again for writing for myself. I picked up my last journal, which I had started just after I had gotten married in 2011, and I couldn’t put it down! I wrote nearly every day and felt the need to catch up on those lost years that I wasn’t writing to at least document the highlights. It felt amazing!


I started adding pictures to help tell the story, almost like a scrapbook. I was fully addicted and back in the game of journaling and better than before. My journaling began to take on a purpose – to tell my story and to leave my legacy behind to whoever feels like reading my many journals, way into the future of course.


When I write, I always think of how cool it would be to read a family members old journal or diary and see their point of view and how they lived their life. I found that no entry is actually pointless, especially as I read my old journals. There are a lot of things I’d forgotten (sometimes that’s a good thing…) and most things I’m so grateful I documented.

Since April, I’ve caught up with life in my journaling and started an Instagram for my hobby where I’ve met a lot of people with the same hobby (and obsession) as me. They make me feel normal and like journaling isn’t a lost past time. I’m actually surprised by how many people are huge journalers and how journal collecting is a common practice by serious journalers. The community on Instagram is fun and so supportive.


The blog has been quiet because I’ve been totally immersed in this re-found hobby of mine. I’ve been a little selfish with my time and will definitely get back to blogging. I’ve missed it! But I really wanted to share what I’ve been doing lately in case any of you are also journalers or are curious about the subject.

I would love to hear if you share in this hobby with me! Comment below!

2 thoughts on ““Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds”

  1. I have journaled so many years. ..and blogged about it a bit too! -take a look at whimsyandcosy if you can…and I have a journal Instagram @whimsyandcosyjournals

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