Pin-spiration | Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! It hit me earlier in the month that 15 years ago yesterday, David asked me out for the first time (which lasted two weeks. Ha! You know what they say about second chances – if it comes back, its yours!) The fact I can even say I’ve known him for fifteen years just leaves […]

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A Cozy Valentine’s Day At Home | Celebrating With Whole Foods Market


Ever since Christmas, I’ve been so excited decorating for different occasions and seasons now that we have our very own home. Valentine’s Day was no exception! Not only do I want to show you the little touches I’ve done to our home for V-Day, but also Whole Foods Market has teamed up with the blog […]

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Planting Roots | We’re Homeowners!


So, I got to Thankful post Day 20, and totally dropped the ball. But I swear it was because very important things were happening! I can now tell you what I’ve been keeping from you (and have totally wanted to blog about but obviously couldn’t)! We bought a house!!! We had such a wonderful team […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 20 | 2016


Today I’m thankful for actually getting chores done around the house, organizing, watching Gilmore Girls with David, and enjoying a few cups of coffee with him, too. Before all the chores and organizing though, we sat in bed this morning with our coffee and watched a random documentary on Youtube about Sir Walter Raleigh, which […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 19 | 2016


Today’s thankful wont make total sense for about a week to you guys, since I have to be a little vague. But David and I went to Target today to cross some things off our to-do list for our next project we’ve been working on! And because of course Target has nearly anything you’d need […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 18 | 2016


Today I’m thankful for so many things, mostly things I can’t talk about yet (but will post when I can!). But tonight David and I were treated to a wonderful seafood dinner at a restaurant we’d never been to with a family friend. We had a great time laughing and eating! We were so grateful […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 17 | 2016


Today I’m thankful for my husband’s encouragement. He’s always very supportive with any of the crazy endeavors I’ve thought up, but tonight, he reminded me to push forward with the Thankful Challenge after I became a little stumped tonight at what to post. I thought about even skipping out on it altogether tonight and just […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 16 | 2016


Today I’m thankful for a calm evening for the first time in about a week. We made an easy dinner from Hello Fresh, then watched Gilmore Girls and ate popsicles. Simple and so needed. I love spending time with my guy like that! And I think I’m turning in early tonight. More things ahead to […]

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A Thanksgiving Feast With Williams-Sonoma & Whole Foods Market


A few days ago, I got to be part of something pretty darn exciting. Whole Foods Market and Williams-Sonoma invited myself, and other bloggers, to an exclusive Thanksgiving dinner event! We were treated to amazing food, wine, and drooled over beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes. I couldn’t get enough (food and eye candy from the decor. Oh […]

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Thankful Challenge Day 15 | 2016


Today I’m thankful for little moments with my man. After both of us were done with work for the day, we laid on the bed chit-chatting about life and future plans. Sometimes it really doesn’t get any better. Also, I can’t believe we are officially in the middle of the month. First, where did the […]

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