Gunston Hall | The House of George Mason

Gunston Hall

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of going to check out George Mason’s home, which is nestled above the Potomac River, in Mason Neck, Virginia. This used to be a thriving colonial plantation but now is a scenic historic site. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous, so forgive me if I put a few too many pictures in this post.

David Gunston Hall

Unfortunately, I was that kid in school who didn’t pay attention in class (any class) and didn’t have the appreciation for history until I became an adult. Going to historic sites is so much more satisfying than being forced to read about it in a book, and I really love visiting historic homes, especially.

George Mason Father of the Bill of Rights 2

While being at Gunston Hall, I learned that George Mason was rather wealthy and didn’t appreciate those who spent frivolously, didn’t want to be widely recognized (which may be why he’s not in your history books and nearly erased from history), he wrote the Virginia Bill of Rights, was friends with George Washington until he refused to sign the Constitution because he thought it gave the government too much power, and influenced our Nation’s Bill of Rights. He was deeply in love with his wife, who died while giving birth, and it took him longer than most men in those days to remarry.


Gunston Hall 1

Gunston Hall 2

Gunston Hall 3

Gunston Hall 4

Gunston Hall 5

Gunston Hall 6

This was once a thriving garden. We weren’t supposed to take pictures inside the house, but I managed to snap this one while on the top floor.

Gunston Hall 7

The Kitchen.

Gunston Hall 8

Gunston Hall 9

Gunston Hall 10

Gunston Hall 11

Gunston Hall 12

Gunston Hall 13

Gunston Hall 14

Gunston Hall 15

This is the pathway that lead to the graveyard. It seemed like a cool place to capture a moment, so I took a few more pictures of this area! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.



Wanna know a secret? This shot happened by total accident. There’s a few more we took of me actually smiling and looking like I might be having a good time, but they turned out blurry. This one, David took at the right moment just as I was looking down.

Gunston Hall 16

Gunston Hall 17

Gunston Hall 18

Gunston Hall 19

I pretty much fell in love with this little leaf I found as we were leaving! I loved every minute at Gunston Hall and wish I could just hang out for the day and pretend I live there. Just for one day is all I’m asking for. Ha!


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