Mountain High

Mountain High 2Saturday, while spending time with family, we took a three hour hike in the mountains. David and I are not usually hikers, but it was pretty fun getting out of our usual routine and hiking up the mountains with family.

Brandie and David{All bundled up and ready to go!}

David and Brandie 2

IMG_4233 (2)

brandie-sellers (3)The hike definitely showed me exactly how in shape I am (not very, in case you were wondering). There were moments when I wished I could call a helicopter to pick me up to give my hips and legs a break, but pushing myself through the physical challenge of it all (like climbing hills covered in large rocks) made me feel great at the end of it. The views along the way were gorgeous and being totally sore the next day was worth it!

Mountain SunriseP.S. the sunrise over the mountain where we were staying was so beautiful!

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