Back To The Future Day

long time ago, I became enchanted with the Back To The Future series, and must say that I still am. It’s the only series that I can watch no matter what part I catch it at on t.v. If you ask me what a time machine looks like, I’d think of the DeLorean before anything else.

Who didn’t want to hop aboard that thing and go anywhere in the past or future? I mean, as long as you knew you could come up with 1.21 gigawatts of power to come back to the present. And as long as you had enough room to hit 88 mph. And the present wasn’t an alternative 2015 when you returned.

The second movie was my absolute favorite for the longest time. I enjoyed seeing their version of what the future looked like. And today, we’ve arrived to the date that Marty and Doc travel to the future!


Yes, that day has finally arrived. I think it goes without saying that we’re a little disappointed we don’t have our hoverboards or can hydrate a pizza in two seconds (yet).

But I did celebrate the day by wearing this awesome shirt I found on because I’m feeling that nerdy about it:

Back to the Future Day

Would love to know if you’re celebrating this moment time with me! What is your favorite movie out of the series? Personally, I used to hate the third one, but now I love it (truthfully, I love the entire series)!

Happy Back To The Future Day!

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