Shania Twain Concert + My Sister Comes for A Visit!

A few weeks ago while at work, we just so happened to be listening to the country music station when the commercial came on advertising Shania Twain’s Rock This Country tour. “Whaaaaaaat?” I said to myself out loud. That’s nuts because the week before I had been listening to one of her old Albums on Spotify, way back from my childhood and wished (and maybe prayed) about seeing her and putting that on my “bucket list”. I’ve loved her since I was about eight or nine years old (“Any Man of Mine” was my jam and will never forget the outfit she wore in the video) and have made some serious memories with her albums. I rushed to the computer to pull up the ticket prices and got the go ahead from the hubby to make it happen after a little pleading on my part and telling him exactly how badly I wanted (and maybe needed) to go, but he wanted me to see if anyone else would go with me so he wouldn’t have to go (which is just fine with me. No need to have him bored, right?). So I put some feelers out on Facebook when my sister said she would love to go and it’s too bad she lives far away (about eight hours). Well I got to thinking “why not?” and texted her if there was any way possible if she could get off of work and come up on a whim for a few days for the show. I mean, what an awesome sisterly experience when we both have grown up with Shania’s music? I prayed she could make it happen and the next thing I know she says she’d see me next week for the show! I couldn’t believe it! It took me three weeks from making my wish/praying to see her to actually seeing her live with my sister! We were both pretty excited.


Monday evening my sister got into town. Somehow we always manage to find photo ops anywhere we are! Like buying a slurpee for example. They don’t have 7-11 convenient stores where she lives and needed to get a coke slurpee. So to 7-11 we went, followed by a Target run where we didn’t get what we came there for but a few other bits and bobs. Because apparently that’s how Target works…


So the next day was Tuesday – the day of the concert! I was so excited! But first we would have to conquer our local subway system in order to get to the arena. Neither one of us are used to that sort of travel, so it was a little humorous and frustrating figuring out how to get there and then buy tickets as we stared at this huge machine that was so not intuitive as a huge line formed behind us rather quickly (which in my mind means there’s no time to stop and think to figure it out). I felt a bit like a moron to be honest. Luckily a nice girl behind us helped us out and off we went to the train!

11781776_138967716437020_6368439932095994158_n{So happy we were finally on the train headed to see Shania!}

After we got to the arena, food and drinks were a must. And popcorn for me because I’m a popcorn fiend. We got there with plenty of time to spare as the concert wasn’t supposed to start until 7:30, with Gavin Degraw opening up. Seats weren’t quite filled up yet and Brandis (my sister) wondered if it would be a full concert. I assured her it would and it did fill up, nearly packed by the time Shania came on stage.

11179954_138967563103702_8162469837542248195_n{Our view of the show. Excuse the ghost face. In need of a tan and my sister likes to use the flash}

11755888_138967469770378_208234370320982267_nWhen Gavin came out (nearly promptly at 7:30, which I was impressed with) I watched the crowd from high above (we had a great view even if we were high up) and a lot of them were looking at their cell phones (which there was a line in one of his songs about that exact thing) or not engaged at all, which I thought was sad, especially because I really thought he was entertaining. It wasn’t until he hopped over the barricade and went through the crowd that people went totally wild. He went around the entire parameter of the lower floor shaking fans hands, dancing with them, all the while fans are trying to rudely get their selfies in. In fact, I don’t think it was my imagination that he seemed to purposefully leave and even knock into their hands when they tried to take the selfies. He played a few more songs (the set wasn’t too long but long enough to keep us entertained for 45 mintues), and then the lights came back on and we waited for Shania.



20150721_204319“I Love Rock ‘n Roll” came on over the speakers and it was noticeably louder than the house music they had been playing. Right after the song ended, the curtain dropped and there she was! With blonder hair, which still throws me off because I’m so used to her brunette locks.


20150721_210432Right when they started playing “Any Man of Mine” I started to tear up a little! It’s an upbeat song and yet I wanted to cry out of sheer sentimentality. I wanted to cry to many songs during the night for that reason. Seeing her live was a long time coming, for sure! When the song started playing, she got into a little cart and went around the audience the same way Gavin did and even used a selfie stick!





20150721_222234I loved the show and she did songs we mostly already know and can jam out and sing along with. I have to say that she seems like one of the most humble stars in the music industry and seemed genuinely appreciative of our supporting her that night. She even signed an autograph for a fan while she was singing, which I loved seeing. Really, I can’t say enough good things about her other than she just seems like a sweet person. I’ve seen interviews and specials of her and her down to earth energy translates to the stage. But she also rocks out up there, too!

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see one of my favorites and check this off the “bucket list”! And so thankful I got to experience it with my sister!

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