Visiting Colorado

If you follow me on Instagram, I may have been blowing up your feed back in February during our trip to Colorado. It was my first time in Middle America, and so we were just a little excited.

Brandie and David{at the airport, anxious to board our flight!}

Personally, I don’t go on trips very often that require riding in a plane, so I love the hustle and bustle of an airport and the anticipation of boarding a flight. What I didn’t anticipate was the gorgeous view of being surrounded by mountains once we exited the Denver airport. Seeing snow capped mountains in Colorado was breath taking. And the gorgeous views kept coming as we approached our destination – Keystone.





20150212_174355{My first time seeing clouds that look like alien ships}

We were pretty blessed to be hooked up with an awesome room with a wonderful view! It was the first time in years that I got to experience a real wood burning fireplace. It was so nice hearing the crackle and pop of the wood and the smell is so cozy! There was a moment where all was quiet and I decided to journal in front of the fire while the boys were out skiing and snowboarding, and my sister was still snoozing. It was so nice to have that moment to myself and right now I’m missing that fireplace!





20150213_225049Since I took a good handful of pictures, this trip will come in a few parts and I’m excited to share it with you all!

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