Sunflowers & Apples

Here we are in the midst of decking the halls, and I’m over here in disbelief that it’s almost the middle of December! Where time goes, I’ll never know…

Since I took a small break in the Fall from blogging, I wanted to share some photos of when we went to a sunflower field and apple picking with my sister-in-law’s family a few months back that I never got around to posting. This was my first time ever experiencing being in a field surrounded by beautiful sunflowers. It was an impromptu visit on the way to the farm to do some apple picking and I’m so glad we we made the stop!

sunflower fields



apple picking 1

apple picking 3

apple picking 2

apple picking 4

apple picking 5

apple picking 6

apple picking 7

apple picking 8

apple picking 9

apple picking 10

apple picking 11

apple picking 12

apple picking 13


apple picking 14

apple picking 15

^ Sampling the best apple cider and donuts ever!

apple picking 16

apple picking 17

^Of course, these tasty apple cider donuts came home with us! It would be pretty hard to leave them behind…Such a treat!

apple picking 18

^ Our loot of the day! Apples for days…

It felt like Fall went by so quickly, I barely enjoyed it like I usually do, but I’m pretty grateful for our apple picking experience with family early on the season! It’s such a fun and memorable thing to do!



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