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A few months back, I went to a planner meeting. No, this wasn’t a meeting for PA (Planners Anonymous) where we’re trying to change our ways. This group enables the rest in the group to keep your collection going, get those awesome pens that perfectly fits your planner, try out those new inserts, hoard post-it’s, and so on. While we’re all busy enabling each other, I’d have to say that they’re some of the nicest people I’ve gotten to befriend over the internet. It’s always nice to share a common bond with a group of people, after all. Especially when it comes to planners. You realize your obsession isn’t that weird, and thank goodness there’s multiple groups online who can relate to you. In fact, when I got into planners a few years ago, I was surprised by how many people were in these “underground” planner obsessed groups!

When I started my journey and decided to get my first Filofax, I found I couldn’t remember how I found it, other than to say that maybe I was doing research on a specific Filofax I had my eye on. Then a year later I was part of a Philofaxy group, ogling fellow members collections of Filofax’s and getting advice for my own.

We found out that Mr. Philofaxy was making a trip across the pond from France with his wife and would be doing meet ups across the country. Since I had joined the group, the thought of a meet up sounded like fun to me! To sit around and talk with people about planners, who loved them just as much as I do, and to see everyone’s collections in person (a standard practice in meet ups)? Yes, please! When I found out that they would be coming close to my area I knew I had to go. Then Mr. Philofaxy asked for my help to plan it, which I appreciated his confidence in letting me do so! Together, we worked out the details, and finally the day arrived! I couldn’t wait to meet everyone and see which planners people brought to show off!

Planner Collection |

I brought all five of my planners with me in a tote bag: Lilac and Mint Large Kikki-K, Anitque Rose Personal Finsbury Filofax, Brown Compact Regency Filofax, and Duck Egg Compact Patent Filofax. I’ll note here that I don’t plan on buying anymore or selling the ones I have. I think I’ve found what is known as “planner peace”.

planner meet up

planner meet up 2

I definitely met some awesome people there! It was everything I expected it to be. We had so much fun chit-chatting about planning like you wouldn’t believe! These people did not really feel like strangers to me at all!

Mr. Philofaxy

At the end of the meeting, we put all of our planners on this shelf and took a picture. Captured this one right in time of Mr. Philofaxy with all the planners!

all the planners

meet up 3

We had an awesome server who took pictures of our group with all of our phones!

After meet ups, usually the group goes to any nearby stationary shop to pick up planner goods. And a few of us did just that!

Kate Spade Gold Pens |

I had been eyeing this Kate Spade gold pen set for quite a while and finally decided to pick them up to remember the day by.


Afterwards, myself and one other new found planner friend, got to hang out with Mr. Philofaxy, and gab some more about planners over some Starbucks.

meet up 4

It was a great time had by all, and the downpour as we were leaving getting us drenched with rain was totally worth it! Hopefully we can meet again!

10 thoughts on “Planner Meet Up | Planner Week

  1. It was a great day, I really enjoyed meeting so many people. And thank you for helping to organise the event, I couldn’t have done it on my own.

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