Visiting Colorado | Part 3

Going over some older blog posts from this past year, I realized I never quite finished posting about our trip to Colorado. This was partially because I had decided to take a break from blogging before I could finish. When you’re not feelin’ it, you’re not feelin’ it and probably shouldn’t force inspiration.

I wanted to share the last set of photos from the trip in order to finish the story here on the blog! We had such a great time and hope to return one day. It’s beautiful there! And looking at all that snow in the pictures when we had 100 degree weather today makes me yearn for an escape!




Where we stayed in Keystone, Colorado, had a huge ice skating rink. We put on our skates and got to skate after breakfast every morning. Of course, I’m a huge chicken and went super slow so I wouldn’t fall down. Every once in a while you’d hear the ice crack a little and settle, which was interesting (but perfectly safe!). And then you’d skate over cracks like in the picture above. I wasn’t nervous at all…Actually the cracks didn’t bother me so much as thinking about falling did.

Brandie and David skating


Caught him after skating some laps around the rink!



The best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had, made by our awesome friend!



The view of the mountains were always so gorgeous.



Selfies with the siblings!



Making our way up the mountain to The Great Divide. It just continued to get more windy and snowy as we climbed.


A little windblown with snow flakes in my hair at one of our stops along the way.


David and the great divide


At The Great Divide! So windy. So snowy. So cold. So worth it.



My mom all bundled up! She cracked me up wrapping that blanket around her head, but it really was that freezing!





So, one morning on one of our last days there, a snow storm came through. I happened to look out and saw this wall of snow coming towards us. I had definitely never seen snow happen like that before! Just a few minutes later it was everywhere!


Looking back on these pictures brings back memories of a wonderful (and much needed) vacation. I’m so thankful for that trip and only hope to experience Colorado’s beauty again!

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