May Your Blues Be of the Ocean & Sky

Two weeks ago, I was off to the beach. And today I wanted to share a few highlights with you all!

Let’s start with this gem. You know you’re in the South when you can wear the Confederate flag as a bathing suit. They take this flag pretty seriously, and, in fact, as soon as I crossed the North Carolina boarder, a homeowner was proudly flying it in front of their home as traffic passed by. You couldn’t miss it. I almost had a culture shock and was reminded of exactly where I was!

First day on the beach with my brother, Brandon! I told him he always looks so cool whenever he doesn’t smile. Me, I always have a cheesy grin next to him. Ha!

Cracker Barrell Breakfast |

Autumn in a Jiffy |

My sister Brandis and I have this thing where if we eat at Cracker Barrel, it’s a must that we meander aimlessly around the gift shop for at least a solid hour looking at all the goodies, especially the Fall stuff (she’s a fellow Fall Freak, which makes me proud!). I spotted this Autumn in a Jiffy cookbook, which I’m hoping to put to good use in the upcoming season. Maybe I should make it a new segment on the blog this year?!?

krispy kreme |

It’s been my goal the last three years I’ve been to the beach to crab some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts (doughnuts?) and it just never seemed to get checked off the list until this year. This year I had them twice and they are far better than buying them off the shelf, as if that’s possible. But it is, my friends, it is…

Potato Sticks

Discovered Potato Sticks at the local Dollar Tree, which is straight from my childhood, except they came in cardboard canisters back in the day. I’m sure they’re absolutely terrible for you and should probably stay in my childhood, but I was so excited I bought a bag anyway…

On one of the last nights of the trip, I made a vision board from magazines my Mom had lying around. My youngest sister, Mom, and I went to town cutting and gluing images of goals we’d like to accomplish in our lives and also letting our wild imagination soar!

On the last full day I was at the beach, Mom got us up to watch the sunrise on the beach. It was too hazy to see the full sunrise, but it was a great morning walk on the beach all the same, even if I was super tired. Anyone else see the eagle in the sky?

house 1

house 2


sandy toes

I miss those sandy toes!

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