National Chocolate Chip Day, Creativity, and New Posting Schedule

For starters, let’s celebrate the great and wonderful chocolate chip. It’s been there when you were happy, sad, celebrating life, or PMS-ing. Here’s to the Chocolate Chip and all it’s chocolatey glory!


So I’ve been thinking about my blog lately and what I want to write about and how I want to express myself here in this space. I took a break because I wasn’t inspired to post anything and I’ve written before how I don’t force creativity as that has drained me once before in life. I’ve used my blog as a way to write about whatever was on my mind or whatever may be going on in my life as a creative outlet (even if no one reads it or cares) making this blog a random experience. You just never know what you’re going to get!

creative freedompin

I think in order to keep things fun for me I need to keep that randomness. But I also want to take blogging ever so slightly seriously and actually get on a posting schedule. I’d like to have a goal to bring in more readers and further down the road have a branding of the blog. But that requires a little more effort on my part, which means putting out content! There’s a little bit of a learning curve that comes with taking blogging seriously and I’m definitely still learning, especially what quality content is all about.

even if nobody carespin

If I’m being totally honest, I definitely post for myself first with what I want to share of my life or whatever may be floating in my head that I want to post about. But I’m wondering if there are any regular readers out there that wouldn’t mind seeing something a little more streamlined?

enemy of creativity is self-doubtpin

I’ve tried to take mental notes from my favorite bloggers and it seems I’m attracted to those who share pieces of their lives (“lifestyle” bloggers, I suppose) with posts filled with pictures to help tell a story, and some other fun random posts peppered in there about food, fashion, or products. They also post several times a week.

lose our fear of being wrongpin

I’ve decided to attempt a blog posting schedule (even buying a planner to help keep track. These days, you don’t have to twist my arm to buy or need a planner. It’s become a sickness!). So check back here every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and maybe the occasional Saturday.

Wish me luck and I hope to see you back!

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