DIY Painted Mugs & Vase

DIY Painted Mugs & VaseNote: the paint used in this tutorial is non-toxic but not food safe. It is not recommended to paint where your mouth will go on the mug. Of course I learned that after painting mine, so I’m helping you to learn from my mistakes!

I was itching to get creative and after remembering we had about four left over mugs from our wedding favors (three years ago!) where the print was defected, I was on the hunt to figure out how to re-purpose these mugs without wasting them.

IMG_2556Wedding Favors{Our winter wedding favors – mugs with hot chocolate packets}

Martha Stewart Paint ColorsI knew I wanted to use Martha Stewart paint in the light blue/green family with gold and picked up a pink color as well. And just FYI – Beach Glass is currently my favorite color of all time. If you’ve never worked with acrylic craft paint before, pay attention to the finish on the bottle. I picked the Satin finish and Metallic for the gold. The Satin finish has a great matte finish.

IMG_2552I had a vague idea of how I wanted to paint the mugs and knew I would need a stencil and some painters tape. I would need 100% pure acetone to soak the mug in to dissolve the design that was already on the mug. Not pictured is sandpaper to help me get off the remaining design. And of course you can’t forget your paint brush(es)!

IMG_2562I grabbed a plastic container that I had on hand, placed the mug in it face down, filled it up with the acetone enough to cover the design, and let it soak for maybe about twenty minutes. After rinsing it off, I took my sandpaper and scrubbed off what was remaining. As you can see, the mug is now clean! I was pretty excited to see this method worked!

IMG_2568Working on my first mug, I taped off the design I wanted, thought carefully of how and where I wanted the colors. I decided to do a pink and gold stripe mug with a gold handle. You should know now that the handle is not easy to paint. At least not for me!

Each mug took about three coats of paint. If you’re patient, wait an hour between coats. If you don’t, you’ll get clumps.

IMG_2560In the middle of planning my wedding, plans were changed. I had already bought vases that I would be using for centerpieces that I bought from Ikea that ended up not being used. So, I grabbed one of those left over vases as well and wrapped some tape around it and started painting. I used Gold, Surf, Beach Glass, Pea Shoot, and at the very top I used Gold again.

IMG_2565{in process}


IMG_2659The paint ends up being pretty thick when you pull of the tape, so there are definitely some uneven edges on the mug as some of the paint was peeled off along with the tape. Oops? Since I can’t use these as drinking mugs (bummer), I’ve decided to use the other mug that I painted in Beach Glass and monogrammed in Gold as my makeup brush holder.

IMG_2660 The way I’ve cured these is by letting them air dry according to the directions on the packaging of the paint. I believe this is for 21 days. These mugs are hand wash only.

I have two mugs left to paint. Any ideas?

11 thoughts on “DIY Painted Mugs & Vase

    1. lol! Pretty much 🙂 I’ve had to scale back my makeup collection lately though. I’m trying to be more aware of the chemicals in our makeup. It makes buying makeup a little less fun.

      1. Haha, awesome! We seem to have a few things in common, you and I. I have a ridiculous makeup collection, but I recently moved and I haven’t prioritized makeup for a good year now.. somehow my focus changed when I rediscovered Filofax and the fun in organizing. 🙂

        1. My focus goes all over the place – from makeup, to blogging, to now Filofax. I love the online community of Filofax. Most people are really friendly 🙂 And the organizing is DEFINITELY fun!

          1. I absolutely agree, everyone I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” has been so kind and sweet, and I’ve made friends I’ll have for a long time. 🙂

            Do you have a Filofax? If yes, which one(s) are you obsessing about? 😀

            1. I do! I have the pocket Pennybridge, which I use as a wallet, the personal Finsbury in Antique Rose, and a compact Regency. LOVE them all! And I got all at great prices on Facebook sites. What I’d love to add to my collection is the nude Original. I’d take any size in that! You?

              1. Love your choices! I don’t know if should tell you, because I’ve ended up with too many over the last few months, but; A5 Finchley Imperial Purple, A5 Malden Vintage Pink, A5 Holborn Black, Personal Maldens in Vintage Pink, Crimson, Black, Gray, Aqua, Purple and Ochre, Personal Finchley Imperial Purple, Personal Finchley Soft Jade, Personal Cavendish Burgundy, Personal Cavendish Black, Personal Holborn Wine, Pocket Malden Vintage Pink, Mini Malden Vintage Pink, Mini Chameleon Red.. I’m feeling a little ashamed, I must admit.

                I’m currently lemming a Personal Finchley in Teal, but I don’t know if that’s even possible to find anymore, and goodness know I have (spent) enough (money) now. 😉

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