Planting Roots | We’re Homeowners!

So, I got to Thankful post Day 20, and totally dropped the ball. But I swear it was because very important things were happening! I can now tell you what I’ve been keeping from you (and have totally wanted to blog about but obviously couldn’t)!

We bought a house!!!

We had such a wonderful team helping us with the buying and loan process (which occasionally was not easy), that David and I made sure to give them Thank You gifts as a token of our appreciation.

We closed on the house last Tuesday (November, 22nd), had half a moving truck filled by the time we signed the papers, and filled the rest up after. We were pretty much ready and excited to go! It took the two of us only an hour to unload once we got to the house. Unfortunately, we only were able to pack a little over half our stuff in the moving truck (which was a 15 ft truck, by the way. As they say, you never know how much stuff you have until you move!), and it didn’t include our bed. We’re still at the parents house for the week and hoping to move the rest of the stuff this weekend.

Wednesday night after work, David and I met at the house and started putting boxes in their proper rooms (we had dumped most of the boxes the previous night in the living room), hung curtains, and I started to organize the kitchen. For whatever reason, whenever we’ve moved together, the kitchen has always been my priority to set up first. I just feel better once that’s all organized and put away (you can read a little about when we moved last time here).


The next day was Thanksgiving, and boy do we have a lot to be thankful for! That morning, I went to Whole Foods and picked up their Turkey Dinner for 2, so we could still have a good Thanksgiving meal. I thought about getting a whole turkey to cook in our oven at the house, but I couldn’t find everything I needed in the boxes, not to mention after three years of being in said boxes, things were super dirty and needed cleaning. Since we weren’t able to visit with family this year for the holiday with so much going on, I was so happy to be inspired by the tasting I had with Whole Foods a few weeks back. It really saved us and helped us feel like we weren’t missing out. I washed off two plates and some silverware for us by hand, set out the food, and we dined at the counter while watching Gilmore Girls on David’s phone (all while a full load of dishes was running in the dishwasher. So. Many. Dishes. To. Wash).

It still feels surreal that we have our own house now. I’ve been looking forward to this moments since I was watching Trading Spaces on TLC as a teen. Then came HGTV with all it’s glory. We’ve been married for over five years now (six, come February), been together for thirteen years, and had so many ups and downs, that owning our own home feels nothing short of a victory. And a huge leap towards true adulting. I’m also ecstatic about the fact that while we are in a different town, we were able to work it out to keep our jobs and not leave the state like we had originally thought. I have a true love affair with my state that only keeps growing deeper, what can I say?

So thankful…


6 thoughts on “Planting Roots | We’re Homeowners!

  1. I’m sure you will all be settled in and sorted quickly. Sure there’s always things to be done, but make a list and put priorities against each job and you can have that satisfaction of ticking things off the list. I did a list for each room to help break it down in to a sensible order.

      1. Otherwise you just see this huge list and you will go crazy trying to decide what needs doing first. Been there got the t shirt!! 😀

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