A Cozy Valentine’s Day At Home | Celebrating With Whole Foods Market

Ever since Christmas, I’ve been so excited decorating for different occasions and seasons now that we have our very own home. Valentine’s Day was no exception! Not only do I want to show you the little touches I’ve done to our home for V-Day, but also Whole Foods Market has teamed up with the blog again to show you how to have a romantic cozy day at home to celebrate the day!


Meet our coffee bar! I knew as soon as we toured our home when looking for houses that this little space would be designated for this purpose. The dresser is from my husband’s grandfather, who used to have it in his office. It got passed down to us from his sister, and I’m so happy to keep giving it life and purpose. Plus, this coffee lover needs a place to put all of her mugs (the collection is outrageous at this point)! The coffee wrack mostly holds all of the themed mugs (it was filled with Christmas and Winter mugs before this!), and I draped wooden heart garland I found from Target to add something extra festive.






I feel like my generation is more than happy to find any excuse to stay in, watch a good Netflix series, and not have to put pants on. Ha! Remember that your cozy day in celebrating Valentine’s Day is about spending time together, no matter how you do it. For us, that means many cups of hot coffee, watching The Crown, and yes – pajamas all day!





Another added touch to decor is picking out fresh flowers, which I love getting every once in a while. I’m such a festive kind of gal, that I choose flower colors based specifically on the season or holiday (like in the Fall, I get burgundy and yellow colors) Whole Foods currently has Valentine’s Day deals for a Double Dozen Whole Trade roses!  You (or your love) can order beautiful roses online to help create that perfect romantic ambiance and pick up your gorgeous blooms at Whole Foods Market. The best part about your purchase is that they’re Whole Trade:

Every Whole Trade® purchase contributes to improvements in the lives and communities of real people, from building schools and funding scholarships to providing childcare and safe drinking water.

How awesome is that?! Next to looking at these beautiful roses, I love knowing my purchase is helping a community!





One of my favorite things to decorate will certainly be the coffee bar. And then comes the dining table! I wanted to keep it simple with a succulent the hubby got for me as a gift, flanked by two golden candles, on top of a red striped runner. I left the pine cone garland I wrapped around the chandelier from Christmas, so the red berries would pull it together.


So after all the coffee as been poured and the Netflix has been watched, it’s time for your romantic dinner! I think some of the best moments are had while in the kitchen, cooking together. On the menu for the occasion: steak, lobster, and broccoli. David has been great at cooking our steaks while I usually do the vegetables. Coming together and each of us doing our share of the meal has been a great way for us to bond at the end of the day!



To season our steak, David loves using Swamp Venom from Dizzy Pig (which can be found at Whole Foods). We’ve used it on all meats and love it on anything! A friend told us about the seasoning last summer, and I don’t think we’ve seasoned our meats with anything else since!




No celebration is complete without a sparkly beverage! I grabbed a rose brut, because…pink. Ha!


I love small details, so I adored seeing this little picture on top of the cork when I opened the champagne! Doesn’t she look cozy?






^Isn’t he just adorable?


The final piece to your cozy and romantic at-home Valentine’s Day is going to be pretty sweet with these Lake Champlain boxed chocolates. They come in a variety of sizes and price points for any craving or gift giving ideas you may have!

Keep in mind, you can do you your pre-Valentine’s Day shopping for your cozy romantic day in at shop.wfm.com. And we want to thank Whole Foods for helping us give our readers Valentine’s Day inspiration to celebrate with the one you love!



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