New Year, New Life

2012 is already off to a good start, I must say. It started with the last day in December by waking up early to sign the lease for our apartment, seeing our new home for the first time, and packing a fourteen foot U-Haul. Life was getting sunnier by the minute. It helped to also have friends stop by and help load and unload the truck, which felt like a blessing within itself. It didn’t matter that I was fighting a head cold. I had a new home that had been waiting to manifest itself into our lives for nearly three years. Eager anticipation doesn’t even cover the feeling that was felt to just have all of the boxes off the truck and under our new roof.

The first order of business was to grab a few groceries while the guys unloaded the heavy must-need-muscles-to-carry-this-up-three-flights furniture. I was happy I didn’t forget to grab a bottle of bubbly (or sparkling wine if you’d like to get technical) to celebrate our new life and the new year. The next order of business was to set up the bathroom and then the kitchen, which has somehow become my domain. It was where I stayed while my husband set up the t.v. and the Wii (priorities…) while we celebrated with friends that live close by and toasted friendship and 2012.

new year

{note the piled high boxes in the background}

It has been less than a week into our new life and we’re definitely adjusting to longer commutes to work (although really it’s not a bad commute. 30 minutes tops so far), living by ourselves, and still figuring out where to put all of our stuff (side note: I’ve never washed so many dishes in my life like I have this past week! Who knew we had that many! AND there’s still more to clean!).

new place

{moving day – the “before” picture}

Our apartment is a one bedroom, one bath, and a loft. I can’t tell who’s taken over the loft – the hubby or our cat, Lucky. Computer parts are displayed all over the floor, so far, as he’s been trying to set up the “office” area up there. And everything we need for Lucky is also in that area. We’ve figured out he loves feeling like the king of the world at the top of the spiral staircase and often falls asleep there.


So far, 2012 has been good to us. It’s provided a completely fresh start to a new life, which we can’t be more thankful!


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