Girls Who Wear Glasses & Where Did My Fashion Go?| Pinterest

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about style – my style to be precise. From makeup to my wardrobe and how incredibly non-fashionista its been. Somehow I’ve fallen into this very plain wardrobe, wearing my hair up all the time, and never glam up the makeup anymore. I’ve resorted to whatever is the easiest, which started maybe about four years ago. There was a time when my hair was always curled, makeup on point, and you almost never caught me not wearing heels. Now, curling my hair seems to be such a bother (and a lot of work), I leave the house without a stitch of makeup to go run errands or shop, and I almost never wear heels.

Sometimes being that simplistic is good but it also ultimately leaves me feeling blah.  I realize my confidence has gone way down (especially from gaining a little bit of weight that I clearly haven’t been ready to get rid of, and I think this is also the reason why my fashion has gone out the window), and I haven’t felt like a beautiful put-together woman in forever. True story. I feel like somehow it all slowly faded over time. All of it. And on top of that, four years ago is when I started wearing glasses, which never makes me feel fashionable or attractive.

So, I’ve been trying to think of ways to get out of this funk and regain some confidence. One of the most simple ways I could think of to start is wearing my hair down and curling it again (often put up due to bad hair cuts. I don’t think hair stylists know how to layer anymore. Hair is an accessory in my book, and if it’s not done right, you’ve lost a major accessory). Another is to glam up the makeup just a touch, even if its for work since we don’t have a highly exciting life where many official outings occur. Ha! So, naturally, I went to Pinterest, and looked for a little inspiration from girls who looked glam/casual in glasses since I might need a little help navigating that one.

If you have any other inspiration, send it my way!

















2 thoughts on “Girls Who Wear Glasses & Where Did My Fashion Go?| Pinterest

  1. So I assume you only started wearing glasses recently? You’re a very attractive young lady and glasses are now so fashionable and classy there was no doubt that you would be just as attractive wearing glasses as you were before you got glasses. Theirs a large number of men that you’re going to be even more attractive to now that your wearing glasses.

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