STUDIOC Planner Review + GIVEAWAY (closed)

STUDIOC Planner Review |

These days it doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse to use a planner. I’ve been on a planner kick for a few years now, starting with the Martha Stewart discbound planner, then moving into a Filofax last year. When I stumbled upon this adorable Studio C planner at Staples last month, I pretty much fell in love. I didn’t need a new planner by any means, at least until I started thinking about my blog. I’ve wanted to get on a schedule for my blog for a long time now and thought this was the perfect tool to keep me on track with which posts I wanted to publish and when.

Studio C Planner Review |

The cover itself makes me happy to look at, and the glittery elastic band is a nice touch, too!

Studio C Planner Review |

Studio C Planner Review |

Inside, there’s a double sided front pocket, which is great to carry around all those loose papers I might write blog ideas on.

Studio C Planner Review |

Studio C Planner Review |

Okay, here’s one of my favorite parts of the entire planner – the colorful monthly tabs. There’s something about it that reminds me of the expensive Erin Condren planners that everyone loves. But this planner is incredibly affordable, so it’s like the best of both worlds. I wont lie when I say that seeing those colorful tabs make me a little happier on the inside every time I open my planner. The planner is based on the academic calendar year and starts in July and ends in June.

Studio C Planner Review |

My next favorite thing are the colorful and uplifting quotes at the beginning of each month. It’s kind of what finally sold me on this planner.

Studio C Planner Review |

Studio C Planner Review |

Turn the tabbed page and you have a space for important dates (love the text on that, by the way!) and a place to write notes.

Studio C Planner Review |

Next is the month-at-a-glace view with a space on the left to write monthly to-do’s.


Then you get into the week-at-a-glance section, which has a great amount of space to write down daily to-do’s, or in my case, a blog post idea. I might use small sticky notes to arrange when I want a post to go out and wont write it in pen until the week that post is set to be written and published, just in case my personal schedule changes or if I change my mind.



In the very back there are sections for notes and dates to remember, which is pretty handy to have!

Overall, I’ve really been loving this planner, especially as a blogging planner. I’ve found it’s already keeping me on track with my postings!

Studio C reached out to me and kindly offered to do a giveaway for my readers! I’m so excited to work with them on this! We’re giving away three planners – 1 large planner and 2 medium planners (like the one I have). They all have similar styles on the inside while having a fun pattern on the outside.


Pattern Play periwinkle polka dot large size planner


Clearly Inspired medium size planner


Sugarland medallion medium size planner


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EXTRA Points:

Giveaway will run until August 31st. Thank you to Studio C for this giveaway, and stay tuned for another chance to enter and win if you don’t get this one!

23 thoughts on “STUDIOC Planner Review + GIVEAWAY (closed)

  1. Awesome! I’m in! I could really use a planner and these are lovely!! I’d have to say my favorite part about planning are as follows: when everything goes as planned and turns out wonderfully, when everything goes completely off track and you have to laugh that you thought you could pull it off in the first place, and when you look back at it later and can see where your mind set was that day. 😉 Now off to follow Studio C on instagram!

  2. When it comes to planners, Brandie is my “go to” girl! I love that she takes the time to research the best and most user friendly planner out there. If she says StudioC is the best, I believe her. I love how colorful and easy to read they are! Beautiful!

  3. This planner looks awesome! I love planners that have a month at a glance as well as the weekly planner pages. My favorite thing about planning is a) getting everything done b) seeing it on paper makes it feel real AND manageable- instead of just knowing I have “a ton of stuff to do”, I can see exactly WHAT I have to do, and when and it feels so much more achievable. And I LOVE to highlight the tasks I’ve completed on the weekly sections- nothing makes me happier than seeing a highlighted page of completed stuff! AND- I love seeing the things coming up on the month at a glance- keeps me excited and motivated 🙂 So excited for the giveaway! 🙂

  4. I tend to procrastinate, so planning is really my only choice to not watse my time. I use it to arrange my meeting and also do my homework on time.
    Btw i followed you on instagram as hope_ilieva.

  5. I love having everything organized (one of my degrees is in Organizational Management). And, having a cute planner is always a plus.

  6. My favorite part of planning is that I am able to keep track of my days and hours that I work in our extended day program. I can plan for any upcoming events.

  7. I just love writing things out in a planner- it seems like it helps them stick in my head better. Love these planners and hope to win!

  8. I love to write down what I’ve got coming up. I never remember to update digital stuff. Is these are pretty to look at. With three boys, I need s little pretty color in my life!

  9. I love to use bright, happy planners to help keep me organized at work and at home! As a teacher, I have lots and lots of parent conferences, data meetings, professional development sessions and job related meetings to attend. It can be quite a challenge keeping up with it! These planners are awesome!

  10. I usually have post-it everywhere to remind me of doctor’s visits, how I felt on some days with side effects to medicine, with kidney disease is hard to remember everything. Never thought of a planner before, obviously this would make my life easier and organize, everything in one place so when I visit with my doctor I can informed her whats been going on.
    These planners look so pretty and girly. I love it!

  11. I love being able to put everything that I want or need to do in one place. I love Studio C products! They are very colorful and fun.

  12. I fell in love with planning when I purchased my first StudioC planner. It is the only thing where I feel like I have a small sense of control.

  13. I absolutely love glancing over my week or month and know exactly what needs to be done in a given time frame. I feel like I’m much more organized and it helps for college a lot more than I thought it ever would. I have seen the mint StudioC planner at my local Walmart, but have not seen the Sugarland version. Looks so colourful and pretty!!

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