Back In The Saddle

Well hello there! It’s been a while, I know. But I had to take a break and sort out where blogging fits into my life – or more so how or if I wanted it in my life at all. Taking a break made me miss it and I realized this is a creative outlet for me however good or bad the post or the pictures. And the occasional typo. I can’t say I’ll ever be a good blogger getting on a posting schedule like I’ve tried to do in the past (I am so not good with deadlines, guys) or have amazing content. But here we are getting back in the saddle. And to start off with, I figured I would keep it light and share some pictures and sort of catch up!

IMG_2806{Loved the cotton candy clouds on an early Spring evening}

IMG_2746{Got my hands on a Filofax for my birthday – and love it!}

IMG_2833{My first pair of Converse in Beach Glass. Pinterest made me do it…But I’m in love with the color!}

IMG_2850IMG_2853IMG_2858{Coffee and planning just seem to go hand in hand…}

IMG_2873{Both paws. In the flip flop.}

IMG_2905{That time when an adorable little girl who was clearly in her own world walking around the store and talking out loud who gave me a feather saying “This is for you!” without so much as a glance in my direction. It pretty much made my day.}

IMG_2929{Oh, and that time when Briana and I were at Starbucks and were Randy and Marty (or Marie? Wha…? How do you…? Never mind.)}

IMG_2943{Brand new glasses after two years of wearing my first and only pair}

IMG_2945{This adorable cat watch though…}

IMG_2964{He’s my life ring :)}

IMG_2968{Summer smoothies with the love}

IMG_2979IMG_2987{I love what you can find while traveling!}

IMG_2970{Summer Sunset}


{You’re never too old to drink a nice cold yoo-hoo!}

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I feel like it’s almost over. I’m already seeing the leaves begin to change! You know what that means – Fall is almost here. And if you’ve stuck around long enough, you’ll know I’m a fall freak, so hopefully that means some fun posts will be coming up!

5 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Me, too. I realized I haven’t worn them in the past month and now I’m about to move on to fall colors. A little sad I have to put them away, but at the same time, I’m such a stickler for seasonal items that I don’t mind putting them away at the same time. Because we both know I love Fall! 🙂

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