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The way we use planners has definitely evolved over the last few years, if I do say so myself. I’ve noticed for a lot of people it’s about keeping motivated to use the planner. What better way to do that than some adorable accessories? I’ve found it’s a good way to keep yourself involved with your planner by decorating your planner pages with stickers and washi tape or by simply using cute post-it notes. Here are some examples of how I use fun accessories to spruce up my planning and keep things interesting!


Okay, in the beginning, stickers were one of those things that I thought was a waste of money (it’s still not far from the truth…) and thought I would never decorate my planner with stickers. Oh, how wrong I was! I’ve since learned that using stickers (and washi tape, for that matter) can help add personality and flair to a page. It has the ability to help those who are crafty, and even those who are not, feel like they’re doing something creative. It’s a simple form of self-expression, which I believe is so important as humans. Elle Fowler uses stickers on her weekly spreads not just for planning, but as a way of scrapbooking as well, which I think is an awesome idea (if you have the funds to buy all those stickers, that is). I’ve been using stickers mostly on my month-at-a-glance pages, but that’s about to change when I get into my Plum Paper Planner at the beginning of next year.

Sweet Kawaii Design Blog Stickers

Sweet Kawaii Design, I have fallen in love with you! How stinkin’ adorable are these blog and Fall themed stickers?! I’m stocking up for next year to use these in my PPP, and I simply cannot wait! I gush every time I look at these, which I really didn’t know was possible to do that over stickers, but that’s before I met Sweet Kawaii Design stickers, so…Also, I have a coupon code for you guys to get 10% off in her shop and I’m pretty excited about it because if you love stickers, you have to see what else is in her shop!

Coupon Code: LETSBEFRIENDS (10% off)

Sweet Kawaii Design Fall Designs

Sweet Kawaii Design Fall Colors

And because I couldn’t wait to use these stickers, I found out the first day of Autumn next year and used my very first stickers in the new planner!

Sweet Kawaii Design Sticker

Then there’s the stickers I find in craft stores, such as Michael’s or A.C. Moore. If I ever find anything I like, I most definitely use a coupon. You can pull up 40% off coupons for these stores anytime.  You’ll notice that I have a lot of seasonal stickers!

Stickers 1

Stickers 2

Stickers 3

Stickers 4

Sticker Storage:

sticker storage

sticker storage 2

Not gonna lie – totally stole this idea from Elle Fowler. I just started using an accordion file to store my stickers. This one came from the Target Dollar Spot and was only $1!

Washi Tape:

Also in the beginning, I didn’t understand the whole washi tape thing and why you would need it. I didn’t want to waste my money on it and actually thought it was for kids (don’t hate me for that one, please!). And again, how wrong I was! Adults, especially those who decorate their planner love and I mean love love love their washi tape. People have built some serious collections of washi tape to use in their planners! Personally, I don’t want a huge collection, just the ones I know I’ll use for certain “projects” (read: themed pages), but I have noticed I’ve collected quite a bit over the last year. Etsy is a really great place to find washi you wouldn’t otherwise find.

washi tape collection

Washi Tape 2

Washi Tape 3

Washi 4


Ask any writer, planner, or lover of office supplies, and you’d be surprised how serious they are about their pens. There’s always a designated pen for something. When it comes to planning, some people color code (I used to but no longer), or stick to one specific pen. If I’m not using a colored pen then I’m using a black ball point pen. But I don’t like plain jane ball point pens. There has to be some sort of personality to it. I’ve always been drawn to office supplies that are different.


pens 2

When I saw this Gem Pen from Juneberry Cottage, I knew I had to add it to my collection. How adorable! I currently use this one for my blogging planner. They also have a ton of cute planner goods in their shop, which I recommend checking out. Juneberry Cottage was so kind and gave me a coupon code for my readers for 15% off their purchase!

Coupon Code: BRANDIESELLERS (no minimum and expires October 10, 2015)

Next, I use my Le Pen pens currently for my Filofax. If I want to use a black ball point pen, I use my gold Kate Spade pens. And lastly, I’ll be using a black Staedtler pen for my Plum Paper Planner next year.

Sticky Notes:

sticky notes

Sticky notes are so handy to jot down ideas, lists, or extra details as you plan. I’ve loved sticky notes ever since I was a kid and was so happy to have an excuse to buy them again. I absolutely love all the different options out there! I know plenty of planner lovers who not only hoard washi, but also sticky notes. It’s just what we do. Sticky and washi never go bad.



Because I love my readers and planner freaks so much, I’m doing a little Target Dollar Spot giveaway. One winner will get this adorable notepad and sticky note set!


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  • comment on this post about what are some of your favorite planning accessories or what would you like to start using?

Giveaway ends on September 4th.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Brandie dear, could you elaborate more on how you use Washi tape; maybe a picture example. I think it is so cute and my daughter loves it too but I really struggle to see its usefulness.

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