Fall Decor | 2017

When we put in the offer on our home a year ago this week, the anticipation of our first Autumn in our new home was pretty great. I couldn’t wait to get out my little orange bin full of decor and kick back with a warm cup of cider in an owl mug.

IMG_2677 (3)

Finding an entryway table at a decent price point that would go with our decor proved to be more difficult than expected. But back at the end of August, we found this one, and as soon as David put it together I grabbed the box from the basement that held all of my Autumn stuff, plus some bags I had stuffed down there of new items I had grabbed this year to add to my collection. I couldn’t help it! I felt the Fall vibes pretty bad and it just had to be done! Somehow just about all of the decor I had ended up going on this table!

IMG_2683 (2)

My favorite places to find new decor are mostly craft stores – Michael’s and A.C. Moore. Most of the time you can always find they have a sale going on or you can use a coupon for 40% off. A new item I added this year was the wheat candle stick holders from A.C. Moore, and I absolutely love them! What a great way to represent the harvest season!

IMG_2686 (2)

I’ve got one of my favorite candles burning for the season from Bath and Body Works, Autumn. You know I can’t resist! It always reminds me of brisk Fall days. Such the opposite we’ve been having lately! This late summer weather makes it hard for me to want to burn this one.

IMG_2688 (2)

I’ve had this awesome tealight waxmelt burner for years now from Yankee Candle, and I’m still in love with it! My favorite feature is the glowing porch lights! I’d love to hang out on a porch like this on a Fall day!

IMG_2689 (2)

IMG_2752 (2)

IMG_2755 (2)

IMG_2756 (3)


IMG_2698 (2)

This is just a little corner in our house with a wooden pumpkin sitting by its lonesome. The gold table my dad saved for me from way back when he and my mom were together (they divorced when I was three, so I’m pretty impressed he’s kept up with it all this time!). It perfectly matches our theme in the house, I have to say.

IMG_2760 (2)

IMG_2716 (2)

Our big painting in the dining area needed something, and I thought about getting some kind of wooden panel to go on either side. That was until I saw these metal ones on sale at Pier1. I attached cotton wreathes to them with a festive colored ribbon, which I’ll probably change out during the Christmas season.


IMG_2731 (2)

IMG_2717 (2)

I love the occasional rustic feature, especially when it comes to the Fall season. I got this rustic garland at a craft store and wrapped it around our chandelier.

IMG_2736 (2)

We put the finishing touches on our coffee bar a few months back and I love how it turned out! Adding the shelf gives it more personality and I plan on changing out the decor to reflect the seasons. Also, about that Virginia sign. Yeah, there’s a typo. Ha! I was so excited when I found it that I didn’t even notice it until we got it up on the wall. I just consider it a conversation piece! My father-in-law laughs every time he comes over and walks over to the coffee bar, and I can’t blame him!

IMG_2742 (2)

IMG_2745 (2)

IMG_2747 (2)

Our coffee mug wrack on full display with our Fall mugs! Gotta love it…

A benefit to blogging is documenting and looking back at seasons past. Our collection and style has grown since I’ve been blogging and I can’t wait to see how we continue to evolve in the years to come!

What are your favorite pieces to decorate with or your favorite decor stores?

Happy Fall, all!

5 thoughts on “Fall Decor | 2017

  1. I love this! I can’t say I’ve ever had a design bone in my body, so my condo is woefully plain (pretty, but plain!). I love the rustic touch to the chandelier and the table your dad saved for you, and think the coffee bar is sooooo cute!

    As for the entry table, what is that adorable leaf runner??

    1. I’m sure your condo is as minimalist posh as can be! I’m glad you like the decor! The leaf runner is from Michaels craft store from last year, though they have another version of it this year 😄 Thanks for commenting!

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