Christmas At The Coffee Bar | 2019

We’re getting closer to the Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The shadows on my wall in this post are proof that the daylight has shifted since you were last here. As I write this, it’s ten days before Christmas! It’s as if after we hit Thanksgiving, time sped up and here we are in the throws of preparation for the season…soon it will be gone…And a new decade will be upon us! But before the final rush is over, grab a cup of coffee with me and take a tour of the coffee bar while this beautiful season is still here!

IMG_4788 (2)

Every year this space evolves more and more as I collect pieces to put here. So far, this year is one of my favorite arrangements! And adding the bookshelves on either side has added more personality, not to mention it’s been fun rearranging them every season as well.

IMG_4790 (2)

IMG_4792 (2)

I still love this Mrs. Claus cookie sign, but didn’t know what to do with it this year! It had to find it’s own place, I was determined! I hung little mugs along the top row by Farberware in the White Christmas pattern (no one is drinking out of those four mugs this year, by the way…Decoration only!) and the sign fit perfectly behind the pegs, to my excitement. To go along with the Mrs. Claus cookie sign, my illustrated chocolate chip cookie recipe made it another round this season!

IMG_4795 (2)

Our happy snowman cookie jar usually sits way up high on the top shelf over the coffee bar, but he joined Susan Branch’s Christmas Joy this year – and I think they’re a good match!

IMG_4796 (2)

Meet my new favorite mug! I just adore that snowy scene and everything in it! I thought it would be fun to add the tea tray ornament here. Someone gave it to me years ago and it’s never been on my tree so I decided to give it a new purpose this year, along with Mr. S’more…

IMG_4799 (2)

Looking through my bins of all things Christmas, I realized I hadn’t used this Santa tray either! He gets to hold our spoons in the morning for coffee. What a gentleman he is…

IMG_4800 (2)

When I found the Farberware set (a thrifted find, of course…) I was so excited to see it came with a tea pot! I’ll probably keep this around during the rest of Winter! The pattern is so simple, yet so nostalgic. The blue Maxwell House tin was passed down to me and used to be my grandmother’s. She and I always shared a love of Christmas and I think of her every time I get it out for the season. Oh, and don’t forget – we do hot cocoa at the coffee bar, too!

IMG_4803 (2)

IMG_4804 (2)

Putting this little shelf together was so fun! It started with the book as the foundation and suddenly it was as if this little snowy forest scene popped up on my shelf! Filled with horse drawn sleighs, couples holding hands, kiddos playing in the snow, and trees being decorated…

IMG_4808 (3)

It looks like the men are hard at work gathering Christmas trees to sell for the season!

IMG_4811 (2)

IMG_4812 (2)

IMG_4815 (2)

These shelves were equally fun to decorate. I gathered all my Christmas and Winter cookbooks, a few story books, and even cookie cutters!

IMG_4818 (2)

It’s hard to see, but can you spot the old truck hauling the tree? Of course, we’ve got a Santa keeping watch on who’s been naughty or nice…

IMG_4821 (2)

IMG_4822 (2)

The hot cocoa cafe box came with a gift inside a few years ago from my step-mom. I figured this cute little box could have a second life at the coffee bar every Christmas!

IMG_4823 (2)

IMG_4825 (2)

Over in this area is where I keep my pie plates and a few added festive dishes. I don’t know how it happened, but I became a “dish lady”. Seeing ornate patterns, checking the back to see the maker, appreciating the artistry… Royal Stafford and Johnson Brothers are right up there for quality and both companies have roots in the 1800’s. When you pick up any of these pieces, whether they’re new at T.J. Maxx or second hand, you know you’re getting a potential heirloom piece. Even if you don’t need a whole new set of plates but still are drawn to a particular pattern, a festive serving bowl (or two in my case!) or platter is a great investment!

IMG_4829 (2)

^Johnson Brothers Twas the Night pattern

IMG_4831 (2)

^Royal Stafford Christmas Eve pattern

IMG_4832 (2)

And if you, too, are a dish lady and wanted to know which pie plates I have out, here they are!

IMG_4834 (2)

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy warmth, goodness, and some yummy treats so far this season!

Thanks for stopping by the coffee bar, friends!

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