The Beach + Family

Hello loves! I’m currently at the beach with the hubby and enjoying some much needed family time with my mom and my siblings.

This past Sunday was our first official vaca day. After driving about eight hours to get to mom’s, we were right back in the car again that morning, getting up at 4:45 for breakfast and leaving the house about an hour later for a four hour drive to a theme park. Mom wanted to get there right when it opened!


Mom borrowed a van for the trip and it was the first time in about five years that her five kids all piled in for a road trip (including my hubs). It was nothing short of my expectations with goofiness, entertainment, and plenty of music distractions throughout. The day was filled with quite a few roller coasters, bad food, and headaches from too many loops…

Baylee, Brandis, Me, David, Brandon, and Bradley
We’ve been together for ten years and this was the very first theme park we’ve been to together! Can you believe it?!?

Monday was a pretty chill day (and rainy). The morning consisted of coffee, conversation and Gangnam Style. I’m amazed with how much my younger siblings know of pop culture for some reason…Don’t ask me why, because it’s not like they live under a rock. Even though Gangnam style came out last year, I had no idea if they had heard of it, much less seen the video. But oh, this big sister was schooled pretty fast. In fact, my eleven year old sister showed me how to properly Gangnam Style…because I am so not coordinated anymore with dance moves. Other than that, we bid good-bye to my brother Brandon, as he had to go back home a few hours away (although we’ll get to see him again at the end of the week, thank goodness!), and ended the day with teaching Baylee how to make her very first candle.

Tuesday we finally got to the beach! Mom was working, so David and I took the kids to the beach for a bit (successfully burnt on my shoulders today, btw), followed by some decent sushi.



For whatever reason, yesterday I discovered there was a Christmas Mouse store here and had to step foot in it. Like…you don’t even understand. I have become such a Christmas freak in recent years and love looking at any Christmas decor related items. It just fills me with such joy and warmth and it’s one of my favorite times of year. So, yes, going to Christmas Mouse was a must. I found a few things I would love to purchase (thank goodness that store is cheap!) and will hopefully go back at the end of the week if I get the go-ahead from the hubby.  We’ll see! If I do, I’ll be sure to post what I got just for my fellow Christmas freaks!

This wont be coming home with me, but it gave me a good chuckle!

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