Four Eyes

I’ve been needing to get my eyes checked for a while. I’ve always had perfect vision, at least until a couple years ago when I noticed whenever I’d go into places like Target or Wal-Mart, things were getting hazy or cloudy far away. More recently, maybe within the last six months, my site has changed at night where reading signs was getting harder and I couldn’t read it until I was right on it. And lets not even mention that I was beginning to squint…

While in the mall on Friday, next to the Lense Crafers is an eye doctor. So I decided to get an eye exam done, totally spur of the moment, but it needed to be done nonetheless. Turns out I’m near sited, which I assumed considering I see fine close up.

The BEST and most exciting part was picking out my awesome eye wear! There were so many choices and I’ve NEVER had to think about eye wear before, but I knew I was going with a black frame, mainly because that fits my personality and style, and we all know black goes with everything.

I’ve been wearing them for a few days now and I feel like I look like a different person! I’m definitely still getting used to them driving and just looking at ANYTHING. It’s so different! Even though I got a low prescription, I’m still amazed at the difference they make.

ball buster glasses 1

new glasses design

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