“Diet” Is A Four Letter Word for A Reason



Oy. I’m nursing a cup of Progresso soup while typing. Let me start off by saying I’m not really a soup person and it’s not going down easy. And I’ll add I’ll still be hungry after lunch. But what else do you eat when you’re not accustomed to actually thinking about what you’re putting in your mouth or reading labels?

Yesterday while at the doctor, we discovered there’s some inflammation going on in my body and he quickly said he was putting me on a “special diet”. Just hearing that word – “diet” – I panicked right there on the table. I’ve never dieted my entire life, mainly because I was blessed with a slim figure which has become more “womanly” and fuller over the last couple years, which can be attributed to still eating like a teen and not working out. I’ll shamelessly admit it. Because it’s a fact and I own it. Lucky for me, I’ve been wanting to change my ways lately and finally found a great excuse to do so.

The doctor gave me a list of the Do’s and Don’ts. The Don’ts include about half of my regular diet. I can’t eat too many grains because those turn into sugar and I’m supposed to eliminate sugar completely. No oils other than coconut and extra virgin olive oil. Definitely no soda. And no meat or eggs from grain fed animals. I almost want to say “what else is there to eat?”

Then I remember I can eat veggies and fruit, raw nuts (okay, so I got mine lightly salted, so sue me), red or sweet potatoes, omega-3 eggs, meat or eggs from grass fed animals, fresh fish, balsamic vinegar if I feel like having a salad, and strictly drink only water or green tea.

Last night at the grocery store was a definite battle. I tried to pay attention to labels and and looked for things like salt and sugar content among other things. I’ll admit it was late at night when I went due to my schedule. I was “done” for the day and I finally opted for a soup to bring for lunch today and I had one last night as well, totally unsure what else to do with myself. I would just need to give it more thought. A soup is probably a bad choice because of the salt, and everything else I picked up definitely had at least 4g of sugar in it. It seemed impossible to get away from sugar! I also picked up cashews for a snack, but when I finish those, I’ll do almonds just because it’s a better choice.

I’m learning! Slowly…

I’m definitely picking up fruit and veggies tonight and making sure I do a salad next time for lunch, throw in some chicken maybe. No more soup…This doesn’t have to be as hard as Day 1 has been. I have four weeks to do this. I’m dedicated. I want to be the most healthy me possible…while still avoiding the gym like the plague.

The next feat in this diet – what to make for dinner.

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