Getting To Know You: Five Things

1. I usually eat the yellow pieces of Capn’ Crunch first. Then all the berries.

2. When I curl my hair, I count to 50 with every section.

3. I LOVE sentimental things, especially pictures.

4. My BIGGEST pet peeve is when someone takes my stuff without asking. Sometimes I get irritated if someone moves something of mine where I KNOW I put it and I have no idea where it is and I turn the apt upside down looking for it…Turns out, usually that something I’m looking for is in the most obvious place, which I never think to look first. :/

5. I’m Reiki l certified (as of right now). Not a whole lot of people know about this healing art, so I’ll give you a few websites. Here’s a great website my Reiki Teacher passed on to me about Reiki from a Christian perspective. I think it did a great job explaining things: Here’s a little history of Reiki:

2 thoughts on “Getting To Know You: Five Things

  1. While I love hearing that someone else saves the berries for last too, I thought the site and information on Christian reiki was very enlightening.

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