February Favorites

A few weeks ago I introduced a new section of the blog – Monthly Favorites – and posted what I was loving during January. And now it’s already time to share what captured my interest in February!

Falling in Love by PhilosophyFalling in Love, by Philosophy. This was the perfume I chose to wear on my wedding day and have brought it out during the month of February ever since.

Perfume shot

{Love Taza via pinterest}

This month, since being on bloglovin’, I’ve found quite a few new blogs to read, including lovetaza.com. They are an adorable couple that live in New York with their adorable kids (Naomi [the wife] writes for the blog). I love the photography and the moments that they’ve shared with their readers. There’s a lot of content spanning back from about 2007, so I’ve been sucked into the Love Taza vortex ever since finding it!

And here’s what inspired me to get on bloglovin’:

VA Blogger MeetupA Virginia Blogger meetup! It was so great meeting these ladies where we have something in common! Blogging is so much fun, but it can be a lone task where it’s just you and your computer and that’s it. I haven’t met too many bloggers in my daily life, so this meet up was a breath of fresh air! We were all inspired in some way by the end of it to help make our blogs a bit better.

MacaronsCan you believe I’ve never tried French Macarons before this month? I’ve been seeing this lovely cookie all over the internet and have been itching to try them. When I saw they were at Whole Foods, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Each one was a different flavor (caramel, red velvet, pistachio, pumpkin, chocolate, and french vanilla). So far my absolute favorites are the pistachio (which was a surprise to me) and french vanilla.

The cookies are a bit pricey to get all of the time ($1.99 each) otherwise I would make it a weekend trip to Whole Foods just to get these! It’s important to note that they only stay truly fresh for a day, so yes, these were all eaten by me in a single day. I am not ashamed…

Whole Foods Hot ChocolateWhole Foods Hot Chocolate (their 365 brand)! We had a snow day around Valentines day and it was just the perfect day for a cup of hot chocolate (the tastiest I’ve ever had. It’s better than Swiss Miss, in my opinion) and listening to Pandora while blogging. It was a good day!

3rd Wedding AnniversaryAnd lastly, moments like this: celebrating our love.

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