My Fall Summed Up In A Few Instagram Pics

fall leaves

Fall is quickly coming to a close and we’re already decking things out for Christmas (hopefully pictures to come!) Here’s a little peak at Fall through my iPhone and Instagram! I had so much fun capturing the colors this year! I’ve always admired this tree every Fall by the office with it’s gradient of colors! […]

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One Whole Year for Brandie Sellers: A Girl With A Blog + Giveaway!

Every child is an artist.

pin This must be a testament to how busy my mind has been recently…I didn’t even notice when my one year anniversary of blogging came up (it was November 15th, if you’re wondering)! Looking back at my posts from a year ago, I feel that as a person I’ve grown and my creativity has definitely […]

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Let’s Talk About Candles, Man

You may have noticed I have a few different wordpress accounts. And you may have noticed I reblog from them time to time, such as Abscents, dedicated to my candle making (I wanted to try to keep it a separate blog if I ever wanted to make it more professional looking). So if you ever […]

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My Etsy Shop Is OPEN!!!

I just decided I was going to dive in and open my Etsy shop on a “made to order” basis. I’ll be adding more fragrances as we go along, and will work up to add a fun fancy label once we really get the ball rolling! For now, I’m just going to do this as […]

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“Autumn, the Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile”


We’re on the brink of Fall, as the weather is still warm, however hints of it are beginning to show with the trees already changing their color. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year, all the way up to New Years. I love the feeling in the air, the decor, the food, […]

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Help My Sister’s Voice Go Viral!

My sister has an amazing voice and I captured that while visiting the family last week while having fun doing karaoke. We would be so grateful if you could help us go viral by sharing this with family and friends through facebook, twitter, or email! Make sure you click on the Youtube link to make […]

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Candle Birthday Haul


If you follow a few of my blogs, you’ll know that I’m getting things ready to launch my own homemade soy candles collection. And since I’ll be in the wax business, I’ve been craving candles like crazy! Which is exactly what I ended up getting for my birthday from my husband and my mom…plus I […]

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Mother’s Day


Okay, playing a little catch up from last week! For those that follow me, remember my post from a few weeks ago mentioning the Diamond Candles? The special person I purchased it for was for my mom for Mother’s Day. Since I couldn’t be there for the special day (I live in VA and she […]

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