Library of Congress In The Country| October (2017 flashback)

Hey friends! I can’t believe that we are over mid-way through October? Time always boggles my mind. The days have become much cooler this week, which I think most of us are enjoying, and now we play the game of when to keep our heat on full time! I even got a freeze warning on my phone last night, which reminded me that I need to prune my flower bed one last time (I’m not sure if lavender buds survive after the first big freeze. I guess I’ll soon find out!). And now I’ve got my white mug with the gold jack-o-lantern face on it, sipping coffee, and David and I are still deciding if we want eggs and english muffins for breakfast or pancakes.

But first…!

Did you know there’s a Library of Congress out in the country? The Audio-Visual Conservation (also known as the Packard Campus) is located in Culpeper, VA, and houses all of the t.v.  film and movies ever made!

The Library is home to more than 1.1 million film, television, and video items. With a collection ranging from motion pictures made in the 1890s to today’s TV programs, the Library’s holdings are an unparalled record of American and international creativity in moving images.

I had heard about this place from a few co-workers, putting it on my list of sites to see. The most fascinating thing to me is that they play all types of movies in their theater – even silent films that need a pianist and play them for anyone to go see for free! They have a schedule that they put out on their website so you can see what’s playing. It could be the perfect family outing or day date! In October of 2017, I found out they would be playing Hocus Pocus. This beloved classic came out in 1993, and having just turned seven years old at the time, I didn’t see it in the theater. This felt like a great opportunity to go visit the Packard Campus!

Ready to get in the DeLorean again? Let’s go!

1028171329a (2)

Of course I had to dress for the occasion! I’m wearing my shirt that says “Thackery Binx is my spirit animal” along with some sparkly cat ears (because when else do I have a chance to break those out?).

1028171355 (2)

I’ve heard that this campus for the Library of Congress is in “a mountain”, but really it’s more of a very large hill that happens to be close to mountains. But here we are at the entrance! Look at those trees, all perfectly showing off their Autumn colors! The site was built in 1969 as a fallout shelter from nuclear attack and was later renovated and donated to the Library of Congress in 2007 by David Packard (you can read this very interesting article and more about the site here).

1028171358a (2)

1028171358b (2)

From the parking lot there’s a wonderful view of the Blue Ridge mountains and the picture just doesn’t do it justice! I never miss an opportunity to capture them, what can I say? I can say they are gorgeous, that’s what!

1028171358c (2)

Here she is in all her glory! Housing all that history…


This theater is the only part available to the public, and it’s a gorgeous one at that! And in case you were wondering, no they don’t serve popcorn.


It’s the Sanderson sisters! Don’t worry, no one got turned into a black cat…this time…

Thackery’s Father: Winifred Sanderson?

Winifred Sanderson: Yes?

Thackery’s Father: I will ask thee one final time.

Winifred Sanderson: Yes?

Thackery’s Father: What hast thou done with my son, Thackery?

Winifred Sanderson: Thackery? Hmm.

Thackery’s Father: Answer me!

Winifred Sanderson: Well, I don’t know. Cat’s got my tongue. [Winifred, Mary, and Sarah laugh at her own joke as Binx angrily meows]


When we came out of the theater, this “real moving picture” captured our interest – turn the crank and watch Felix the Cat go! Super neat!

1028171538a (2)

Okay, because our time at the Library of Congress was a little short, I wanted to share a few more pictures from that October:


Stranger Things in October? What could be more fitting?! One of our favorites…


This is from my instgram The Diary Library – dedicated to all things journal related. Decorating journal pages is one of my favorite creative things.

IMG_20171014_095241 (2)

That year, we lost our cat, Lucky. I found this mug a few weeks afterwards and thought it was a perfect commemorative moment. We’ll always miss that little guy!


I can’t imagine how many heads tried this on, but a unicorn in a rainbow shirt is too good to pass up!


Remember the white mug with the gold jack-o-lantern face I talked about earlier? This is the one! Sitting proudly next to some flowers that we got at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm

Alright, friends, I hope this finds well (and cozy)! Have you heard of the Packard Campus before? Ever been? Would love to hear from you!






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