Stribling Orchard | Apple Picking

The DeLorean has hummed to life, the flux capacitor is on, we’re reaching 88 miles an hour, and – whoosh – we have left a trail of blazing hot tire streaks on the ground, arriving to October 2017! We’re on our way to Stribling Orchard to go on an apple picking adventure in the mountains, but first we have to admire the country scenery on the way. It looks like the corn is ready to harvest!

IMG_2893 (2)



IMG_2904 (2)

I had heard of Stribling for years and finally made it out. The scenery, the views, and paths through the orchard was well worth it! I almost couldn’t put my camera down – the perfect photo op was at every turn!

IMG_2902 (1)

IMG_2973 (1)

IMG_2910 (2)

IMG_2913 (1)

IMG_2914 (1)

IMG_2916 (1)

We grabbed an apple catcher/picker (insert proper name here, because I don’t know it!) and down the dirt paths we went! They have several varieties and it was difficult figuring out where to start! Luckily they provided us with a map.

IMG_2912 (1)

IMG_2924 (1)

IMG_2922 (1)

IMG_2926 (1)

The day started out overcast, but soon after we got there and started picking, the hot sun came out (you’d never know it was October by how hot it was!) and started baking all those apples that had fallen to the ground. The smell of rotting apples really, um, added to the atmosphere and experience…Keep that in mind if you go apple picking on a hot day!

IMG_2928 (1)

A lot of the apples on the lower branches had already been picked over, so our apple picking tool (and my really tall husband) came in handy! Because the apples were so high up, he ended up doing most of the picking which worked out well, since I was busy taking so many pictures and drooling over the scenery anyway!

IMG_2929 (1)

IMG_2931 (1)

IMG_2937 (1)

IMG_2941 (1)

IMG_2945 (1)

IMG_2948 (1)

IMG_2951 (1)

IMG_2954 (1)

IMG_2955 (1)

On our way to get some Granny Smith apples for pie making! We really had to comb through the trees, though, since they were really picked over. I think a lot of us had the same idea about those apples…

IMG_2958 (1)

IMG_2962 (1)

IMG_2963 (1)

IMG_2966 (1)


IMG_2974 (1)

IMG_2981 (1)

IMG_2984 (1)

Attempt one at trying to get a selfie in the orchard…

IMG_2986 (1)

IMG_2990 (1)


Some of our harvest, awaiting to be turned into pie…



This is when I was really figuring out how much I love country life, how much I love being near the mountains, and how much I really enjoy baking apple pie so much I wish I could share it with all of you! A pie baking couldn’t be a more home-y, welcoming, and cozy smell!


And pie is served, fresh and hot out of the oven! One of my favorite things to do on top of my pie is sprinkle sugar on top!

If you’re planning your fun family activities and live in Virginia, add this place to the list – well worth it for the views alone. They also have an amazing bakery and food on site if you get a little hungry and need a break from meandering around the orchard (which I could have done all day!).

Happy Fall, friends!







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