Happy Halloween | 2016



There’s always a bittersweet feeling when Halloween rolls around. As the night grows older and the doorbell stops ringing, it feels as if a new page is about the be turned. One that nears the end of Autumn. That might sound strange to say considering we have a month left of the season, but I suppose there’s always a build up to this night (the movies, decor, the festivities…) and then things go quiet again until Thanksgiving. For a while it’s felt like this to me, and this is when I begin to let the season go…

And fully embrace the coming of Christmas decorations that are out early. Yep. I’m one of those! Happy HalloThanksMas Everyone! Ha!




Our tradition of honey ham sandwiches for Halloween lived on tonight and we gobbled them all up while my father-in-law and I rushed to the trick-or-treaters’ at the door. I had a ton of candy left over from the trunk-or-treat, so they got plenty of handfuls of it from “the cool house giving out a bunch of candy”.


^ I loved these paper plates and napkins I grabbed for the occasion from A.C. Moore! Little festive touches can turn anything into an experience.


Okay. Favorite part about the entire night is when a group of girls, who were around ten, and two of them got super excited seeing me give out handfuls of the strawberry candy. “Oh my gosh, she has the strawberry candy!!! Those are my favorite!!!” Lots of exclamation points. That reaction is pretty much all I wanted when giving those out, because that’s exactly how I felt when I saw them on the shelf. Ha! My Halloween wish was then satisfied and I felt like I had done my job of being part of their nostalgia as well as mine (I live for that stuff!).

Then there was the adorable kid, who may have been around eight, who left us with “Have a nice trick-or-treating day!” You, too, buddy..You, too!

And with that…to all, a nice trick-or-treating night.


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