Thankful Challenge Day 1 | 2016


Three years ago, I tried a very unsuccessful attempt at the Thankful Challenge here on the blog. The intention was to post something I was thankful for daily, and sadly I only got three days in when the crickets started singing. This year, I’m attempting once again with the same good intentions in mind. I’d like to think I’m better prepared than last time and that I’ll actually reach the end of the month having done this daily. I’d also like to think that this is a personal growth challenge that forces me reflect on my day and all the good that went along with it so I can pick my favorite moment. Everyday can fall away so easily without giving it a second glance. Another day absorbed into the humdrum of life. There’s a little something special in each day if you take a moment to find it.

Challenge accepted…



I’m thankful to have caught up with an old co-worker of mine today at lunch. Our conversations are always wonderful and she’s one of those ladies who always teaches me something whenever we get together.



I’m thankful for the sweet compliment I got today about my writing. It took me by total surprise and I loved how this person reached out to let me know how they felt. Writing is such an evolutionary process and hopefully only gets better like aged wine.


And lastly for today, I’m thankful for cozy scents, warm apple cider in a festive owl mug, and getting cozy with the hubby watching Gilmore Girls snuggled in the bed!

Feel free to join me in the challenge! I’d love to see your favorite moments of the day!

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