Things From My Childhood | T.V. Shows Part 1

I figured I would pause on the Fall related topics and move onto something fun and nostalgic. Nostalgia is one of my favorite things and I love to look back on when I was little and see fun reminders of growing up. Thanks to Youtube, we can view all of our favorite old shows (even if it’s just the theme song) and songs. Occasionally those old theme songs still manage to get stuck in my head today!

Here are some of my favorite t.v. shows from when I was little. Some are truly a blast from the past, starting in the late 80’s!

David the Gnome:

Fred Penner’s Place:

Maya the Bee:

Eureeka’s Castle:

Inspector Gadget:

Captain Planet:


Mister Rogers Neighborhood:

Reading Rainbow:

Growing Pains:

Who’s The Boss:


TGIF Theme Song:

Family Matters:

Full House:

Step by Step:

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