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roses and Picasso

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a few things: My blog and where I want to take it. My purpose for this blog. And social media.


Let’s start with the blog. With any blog, they literally open the door for you to peak inside and see a highlight reel of their day, their project, or thoughts. Occasionally you’ll find one that pulls you in and it makes you feel like they’re a friend you’ve known for forever. It makes you forget your stresses, anxieties, or maybe your to-do list for five minutes. Every blogger wants to have that blog to some degree. But it’s not something that happens over night, nor is every blog that intriguing, nor is it easy. But every blogger has a voice and some struggle to find it.

I feel like since I’ve come back to blogging over the last week and wanting to make a better commitment to my blog, I’ve been trying to think about what kind of voice I have here and how would I like to connect with my readers (if any of you are still here from my absence over the last few months). I’ve always struggled with how real and open I want to get on this platform, therefore holding back a lot. Though sometimes, I’ll admit, that I don’t want to hold back. But then comes that fine line of over sharing. I’ve realized the blogs I’m most attracted to are the ones that have stories to tell, although mostly about their kids and I’m just not there yet. Or their blog is full of beautiful photography, which I know I’ll get to one day. This blog has evolved ever so slightly since I started it back in 2011 and it’s still not quite where I want it (which can be de-motivating and frustrating at times. Being inspired as a creative can be a delicate thing at). The thing about growing a blog is that it can be a very evolutionary and personal process.

roses 2

 ^I used an old candle jar from Bath and Body Works as a vase here!

roses 3

What I’ve also noticed is that this “machine” of blogging doesn’t quite work without social media. A piece of the puzzle is showing yourself beyond the blog so others can connect with you in a different way. I have to be honest and say I haven’t been comfortable with taking selfies since my early-mid twenties and let a lot of my ego go (I do hope to become more comfortable with it again, realizing some of this also comes from my own insecurities. I’ll be 30 in June, by the way). And twitter. Maybe this is an age thing, but I stopped thinking in status updates a long time ago, too. But I’m revisiting it, totally stumbling through it (as well as instagram. I think I’ve gotten quite obnoxious on there posting, like, four pictures a day at times. Is that how this works? I have no idea anymore. I’m old now). It’s a little strange to be back in the game of trying to be active on purpose on social media. Partly because, again, trying to find my voice there as well. I’ve found that I’ve posted a few things on either Twitter or Instagram and go “Ugh, is this stupid? No, I’m going to post it. Why do I care what people will think?” A lesson to myself to stop worrying of other people’s judgement and just “do me”, or so they say. And tomorrow I’ll probably wonder why I posted this, but sometimes it just feels good to let it out. I think I worry a little about it because, thanks to that Timehop app, which lets you see those old Facebook posts, I do a mental face palm when I see my Facebook posts from 5-7 years ago. But again, I think most of that is an age thing. Or so I’m hoping.

roses 4

I love that Picasso quote above. We’re all given a gift and a talent. Once we figure out what that gift is, it’s up to us to decide whether or not to share that with the world. I think all of us who blog not only do it for the creative outlet (expanding, exploring, and exposing our creative gifts) but to connect with others as well. Sometimes it’s about going beyond the creative part and connecting to the hearts of our readers or passerby’s coming to our blogs, which makes sharing that much richer.

At some point, I’d love to get more personal on here, sharing stories rather than just short snippets.

Until then, bear with me as I continue to find my way through the jungle that is blogging.



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