Dreaming of A White Christmas | Pinterest

Lately, we’ve had warmer weather than usual for the month of December. I’ll admit that it’s been nice to walk around without a coat, much less a heavy coat, or brace myself for the beginnings of a bitter winter, but the unusual sixty degree weather is cramping my Christmas style. If I didn’t see Christmas decorations everywhere and hear carols, you’d barely tell we’re trying to celebrate the season. And while I’m not ready to have a blizzard just yet, a few snowflakes would be nice. There’s something very exciting seeing the very first snow of the season. I always act like I’ve never seen snow in my life whenever those delicate flakes start to gently fall.

Here’s some pins from Pinterest if you’re like me and long for a White Christmas! I think I’ll ask Santa for snow this year…Just a little bit, please, Santa?

White Christmas 1


White Christmas 5


White Christmas 9


White Christmas 3


White Christmas 4


White Christmas 6


White Christmas 7


White Christmas 8


White Christmas


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