Hello world!

So after giving it some thought, I figured I’d start a blog. God only knows what the heck will come of this or what I’ll write about, but I feel like this will be another way for me to get a little creative (I did say a little…) and just express another part of me. After visiting a couple blogs and getting addicted to pinterest.com, some creative juices finally started flowing after a few years of almost being extinct. I’ll be honest, I was a little worried. I’ve been creative my whole entire life in some form and after the well has been dry for a while you wonder if it will ever come back. But I think I’m realizing that creativity, if you know you have it, is always in you. It feels like an old friend of mine and even as I write this it feels good just to get my thoughts out even if it means nothing to you.

Slowly but surely, I can feel my creative self once again awakening…So good for the soul!

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