Life Is Like A Roll of Toilet Paper

The shorter it gets, the faster it goes.

I work in an office as an Appointment Coordinator, and a patient told us of this saying.  I had never heard of this before and it made me start thinking. People assume I’m too young to “notice” how fast time is flying by (I’m 25 at the time of this post), but I have definitely taken notice, especially because I have a calendar constantly in front of me. It’s almost startling how quickly the month of October was over and how quickly Thanksgiving is coming up. Knowing this was inevitably going to happen, I made sure to watch (okay, indulge, really…) in all of my Halloween favorites from my childhood. I probably saw Hocus Pocus about three times, which is just one of those movies near and dear to my heart. My siblings and I would reenact parts of that movie and my brother probably knew that one by heart, constantly quoting scenes.

While I was getting into the spooky holiday, I was already easing my way into the Holiday season. I enjoyed any hints of Christmas in stores, constantly browsing and I admit I’m still doing that. It’s probably because I don’t have my own place yet, but I just love the festive decorations and imagine what I’d do with them or where I would put them.

I know it’s too early for Christmas, even back in October, but I’ve come to love this time of year, getting cozy with hot chocolate or apple cider. Also, I’ve learned to relish in certain moments or parts of life just because they are so fleeting, just like October so kindly demonstrated.

Of course life isn’t about decorations or movies, but for me, they definitely help celebrate this time of year.

Life Is Like A Roll of Toilet Paper |

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