But First, Thanksgiving | Fall Decor 2019

This year it’s been harder than ever to not start decorating for Christmas along with everyone else. November 1st came and everyone (so it seemed) on social media was busily decking the halls and showing off their handy work. I will confess I drooled over garland perfectly draped or a beautifully lit tree! Suddenly I had this strange internal fight – I wanted to keep the Fall but I also wanted the Christmas in my house! It felt too early to put away Fall completely. And my husband (who tries very hard to keep me level headed) suggested that we wait until after Thanksgiving, like most people. Remember when even that felt early too decorate for Christmas? So we struck up a deal. I could decorate the coffee bar before Thanksgiving (my argument being that it takes forever to decorate the house and we all want to enjoy our hard work for a while!) and the tree would go up after. I’m not ready for the tree, but bring on everything else!

So. Before the clock strikes everything Christmas, here’s this years Fall decor!

IMG_3842 (3)

IMG_3846 (3)

IMG_3847 (2)

IMG_3849 (2)

Towards the end of the Summer, I found this vintage creamer pitcher. This year I wanted to attempt to add touches of blue in anyway I could and set my bundle of cotton inside it to complete the look. I kept my selenite crystals, too, which I added over the summer!

IMG_3850 (2)

Oh my. I’ve had a thing for these birds ever since I found one dressed like a cat for Halloween last year!

IMG_3852 (2)

While on one of my thrifting adventures, I found an awesome brass mesh apple and knew it would be put to good use this year! Instead of using a candlestick in the wheat candle holder, I just set it on top and called it good!

IMG_3854 (2)

IMG_3856 (2)

IMG_3858 (2)

IMG_3860 (2)

We brought back out the checked blanket and plump pillow to the chair this year and we added a new Autumn sign on the wall behind it!

IMG_3864 (2)

The bit about “baking lots of pies” drew me in, what can I say?

IMG_3869 (3)

This has become one of my favorite “moody” corners of the house this season, while occasionally burning those candlesticks…

IMG_3870 (2)

IMG_3872 (2)

IMG_3876 (2)

You probably know by now that I love decorating with books. This corner was perfect for Tasha Tudor’s “Pumpkin Moonshine” (which is not about moonshine, but jack-o-lantern’s in case you were wondering!).

IMG_3902 (2)

The last space is our dining area. We added a rustic wreath around the chandelier like before and added a Be Thankful banner to the screens.

IMG_3895 (2)

IMG_3899 (2)

In just the right light, it sparkles! Sometimes sparkles just make the world go round in a girls heart…

IMG_3889 (2)

This year we also added brass candle sticks (who knew I’d have so many of these! Even I’m surprised…) and sparkly pumpkins to the table top.

IMG_3903 (2)

IMG_3883 (2)

Soon, it’ll be turkey time and then….then we will bring out the tree, blast the Christmas music, and really begin to enjoy the cheer of the season!

If you want to see how I decorated the coffee bar for the season and how I decorate my spice rack shelves, click here.




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