Darling, Love Is Best | Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day always reminds me of mine and David’s humble beginning when he became my first Valentine ever back when we were just fifteen. I innocently (I swear it) gave him a stuffed dog with a heart in its mouth that said “kiss me”, picking it up at Hallmark the night before without giving it a second thought. Standing among our blue  lockers that day, he looked at the message the dog was carrying and said, “Is that a hint?” It wasn’t, but I kissed him anyway. That simple kiss left an impression because he still talks about it to this day, saying it was the best first kiss!

Though Valentine’s Day is where we got our start, David and I are very low key about celebrating it the older we’ve gotten, especially considering our wedding anniversary is February 26th. This is almost true of how I decorate for the month of love, but I’ve realized I’ve bulked up the little touches throughout my home a smidge this year. I haven’t shared any Valentine’s Day decor here on the blog since we completed our coffee bar a few years ago and figured now is as good a time as any!

IMG_3380 (2)

If you read how I covert my Christmas decor into Winter, you might recognize some items that get yet another chance to stick around. I don’t have too much “valentine” specific pieces and decided to get a little creative and look around at what I had to beef up the entryway table. This meant stretching the use once again of  – yes – Christmas decor, just less of it. As you can see, I kept my fake poinsettias and the poinsettia runner for a pop of red and warmth. I also added the heart welcome sign on the wall.


Since we have a glass entryway table, I love having a runner to have a solid base. Keeping the brass pine cone candle holder and books, I added a fuchsia pink bucket with “love” written in gold and added a bundle of cotton inside.


The vignette of the house and snowman made it to another round! I just couldn’t resist! Another thing that stuck around is the faux candlestick holder with the star as a handle. It was red and had to stay!


Sealed with a kiss! I’ve had this ceramic envelope tray for a few years now and found it at T.J. Maxx. I intended for it to go on the coffee bar, but it goes so much better with the entryway!


These deep red pillows stay on our couch all year long since that is one of our accent colors. What gets changed out is our cozy blankets we throw over the back of the couch! I have one requirement about throw blankets – it has to be soft! The softer it is, the cozier it is! I love the heart and snowflake detail on this one. I’m pretty certain I found this during the Christmas season a few years back at T.J. Maxx. For us, the pattern and color serve us well until Spring!




This year, I’ve focused on combining Valentine’s Day and Winter items, and I think it works so well! The heart garland is back out – it really adds a special festive touch. We kept the top shelf simple with the red and gold jug, the canister, and hot chocolate sign.


What I added this year was the red cookbook holder that I found at Homegoods back in the Fall. What a find that was! It’s my accent color and I intended on displaying my favorite books, so I couldn’t pass it up! I have Susan Branch’s book, Love currently on the stand – so perfect for this month! And keeping with a little “Winter” thrown in there, I still have my Warm Winter Wishes sign out. It’s such a happy little picture to look at on a chilly day while making my coffee! (similar sign here)




This adorable mug I found while thrifting not too long ago. It really speaks to my whimsical side! I love the the hearts and and rainbow colors – both are my whimsy thing. And you probably can’t tell as well from the picture, but the little hearts are gold – another favorite of mine! It’s just a match made in whimsy heaven!







The last little item we decorated with is another Susan Branch book – Sweets to the Sweet, filled with sweet yummy recipes and illustrations, quotes, and a few stories.

IMG_3420 (2)

I hope this find you well, friends! Spring is just around the corner – I hope it finds you with beautiful new beginnings springing up to greet you!

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