Halloween Talk & Fall Decor | 2018

One of my favorite places to decorate (and agonize over) other than my coffee bar is the entryway table. This year it’s a little more dressed up for Halloween, which I haven’t quite done before. So before I put the festive things away and rearrange it for November, I wanted to show you just a few simple corners of my home!

This little nook doesn’t get too much attention, so I thought I’d show it first! Mostly because I love this little stack of books by Barbara Swell. She writes these adorable little books of historic recipes and farm tales. I got them last year for Christmas and loved reading the stories and old fashioned recipes. I’ve since been drawn to vintage cookbooks which I may do a post about in the future! I’ve also come to love decorating with books – knowledge or fantasy at your finger tips!

There may be a few items here that you might recognize, like our scarecrow friend on the left (I think he needs a name, don’t you think?).

We added just two little things this year: the metal witches hat (which I might paint gold in the future, but we’ll see), and the bird pretending to be a cat for Halloween. That bird gave me way too much of a chuckle in the store, reminding me that we’re definitely cat people, and it had to come home with me! It’s a good rule of thumb to bring things into your home that bring you joy!

The Halloween lantern on the far right was found at Christmas Mouse last year. The is the first time its been out because I forgot all about it last year! A big whoops on that one…

This past year I really got into gold candlestick holders that I was able to find for cheap at thrift stores. I didn’t want to put them away (and probably never will), and love them all bunched together on this lower shelf. A few new items like the metal pumpkin and owl were gifted to me by my step mom – so cute! And I love the corn in the pumpkin crate!

Surprisingly, I haven’t done much with the coffee bar or I’d show you that as well! But rest assured, all my Fall mugs are nestled on their perch! After Halloween is over, this little space will get redone and so will the coffee bar. I can’t believe the month is almost over! I haven’t even watched my favorite movies yet, but we did manage to sit down yesterday and watch Hocus Pocus. Speaking of movies!

I found this at Target earlier in the month and as a thirty-two year old woman, was way too excited. This movie is a childhood favorite of mine! I remember dumping out my candy on Halloween night, checking my loot while this was playing in the background. It was the last one on the shelf and I really couldn’t help myself – in the basket it went! And speaking of candy!

We bought four bags for the trick-or-treaters, all a good variation of candy, if you ask me. Last week I look in the pantry and realize all of the bags were open, a few only half full now. Yep, David had opened them all! He has a major sweet tooth, and if we’re not careful, he’ll trick-or-treat early in his own pantry and no one will get any candy! So I hid them! And only a few days later he found my hiding spot. Not because it was an easy spot, but he really hunted them down! Darn! If we turn our porch light off early, it’s because we ran out of candy because of you-know-who!

Early in the month, we were on the hunt for those classic festive sugar cookies – the kind with the pumpkin or ghost on them. We went to the little section where they had been just days before and I was shocked (but shouldn’t have been) to see there were no pumpkin or ghost sugar cookies in sight! How could this be? October had barely started and they hadn’t hesitated to put out the turkeys! What’s next? Christmas sugar cookies? As I’m getting over my shock, I hear David call out behind me “Here they are!” I turn around, and they have the ghost ones…along with elf sugar cookies. At the beginning of October!

Happy Hallowthanksmas, I started listening to Christmas music by accident this week…

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