Seven Oaks Lavender Farm

Did you know that Virginia has a lavender farm? I didn’t either until I saw a friend post about it on Facebook. We were fortunate enough to get the very last blossoms of the year on our recent visit to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm. Normally, there’s an entrance fee to get in, but since it’s off season, we were able to to grab a garden basket with a pair of scissors ready for us to snip our fresh lavender (which was .15 per stem) and go walk the beautiful fields right away. Not only do they have lavender, but flowers and herbs to choose from as well, which was a nice surprise.

Even though we’re living in a world where there are Octobers, it was pushing ninety degrees out. No bundling up in scarves here, sadly! Thankfully there was a nice breeze in the air to help cool us off! Where are you, Sweater Weather, my dear friend? IMG_2785 (3)

IMG_2786 (3)

IMG_2787 (1)

IMG_2789 (2)

IMG_2799 (2)

IMG_2801 (2)

IMG_2800 (2)

IMG_2808 (2)

IMG_2815 (2)

IMG_2809 (2)

IMG_2818 (2)

IMG_2825 (2)

IMG_2826 (2)

IMG_2832 (2)

IMG_2849 (2)


IMG_2855 (2)


IMG_2867 (2)


IMG_2840 (2)

IMG_2878 (2)


IMG_2881 (3)


It’s no secret that lavender can be used in a multitude of ways, from culinary arts to healing remedies. I loved seeing the plump fresh buds in my hands, wondering how I’d use them.

As soon as we got home, I put our Fall blooms in a bud vase I had created from a lavender infused honey jar I had gotten a few years ago from Renaissance Lavender. I loved seeing them on my coffee bar the next morning! Such a lovely pop of color.

Visiting Seven Oaks Lavender Farm was so much fun and something I definitely plan on doing again in the future. While there, definitely checkout their shop! They have everything from lavender sachets to honey. And the smell of lavender as soon as you walk in will instantly sooth you!

3 thoughts on “Seven Oaks Lavender Farm

  1. We have some lavender planted outside our bedroom window to discourage flying insects from coming in to the house, it seems to work, plus the fragrance is delightful.

    Make the most of the warm days, it could be a long harsh winter!

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