A Craft Fair Weekend

It’s been ages since I’ve been to an actual craft fair, so I was pretty excited to go to two last weekend! So excited, even a little rain on Saturday couldn’t keep me away from the first one I attended.

boots and leavesEver since starting my own candle company where I hand make my candles, I have such an appreciation for artisans and would love to show you some of the items that I saw. Enjoy!

soapHandmade soap is always fun to see. I love smelling the different scents and seeing their packaging choices. I regret not getting a bar from this vendor!

balloonThese balloons were by far the cutest thing I saw at the entire fair. Wouldn’t it go great in a babies room? That’s one to add to the idea board for our future kiddos for sure! The vendor was very kind and took the plastic off so I could get a picture.bottlesI’ve noticed it’s gotten quite popular to make a wine or liquor glass into a light fixture. I thought these were rather fun looking with the added glitter.

IMG_3533Just proof I got my apple cider (you know I can’t resist…) and breaded shrimp because the vendor didn’t take plastic for items under $5. Next year I’ll remember to bring cash. I’m so out of practice with having cash on me!

craft fair outfitThat burgundy sweater was calling my name for weeks! The rain made the weather just cool enough to wear it and stay warm. My apple cider also did a great job keeping my cozy. I loved it!


IMG_3539Festive decor are my absolute favorite items to look for at a craft fair by far.

IMG_3541…Because Pumpkin Funnel Cakes…Are you serious?!? This is a thing?!?

tea pocket


razorsThat’s a pretty fancy razor you’ve got there…


IMG_3548It must be because of my childhood, but I love the wooden holiday decorations the best. I’m pretty sure one day I’ll bring something like this into my own home for my kids to grow up with as well.




LavenderYou wouldn’t believe the amount of lavender wafting out of this tent. It was so strong (but in a good way) that as soon as I stood under the tent I felt relaxed and calm and ready to drift away into a far off fantasy land.



IMG_3574The Bag Piper…He kept staring me down as I tried to take his picture…Also, note the guy on the left with the shades and the fur coat. I loved him! He was totally in his own element. Like an Andy Warhol or something… I wanted to take a picture of just him but decided that would be just too creepy.

IMG_3572This upside down pumpkin was just begging for it’s picture to be taken, let’s be honest…

Have a great weekend!

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