Spring Makeup | 2014

Spring Makeup 2014

Welcome to Spring! I think? Apparently the East cost is supposed to be slammed with snow again next week. We’re all still bundled up here and still feeling the effects of Winter, but I have been craving spring colors for a while now. I’m ready to leave my coat at home, throw on something colorful, and enjoy warmer weather.

I haven’t updated my Spring makeup collection since 2012, so I figured now is a great time to get a few little things and feel refreshed from a long winter! It’s amazing what a few new makeup items can do to a girl!

Ulta Blush Peach GlowUlta Blush in Peach Glow: This blush is gorgeous and goes on pretty sheer, so I would recommend layering if you want a really good color payoff. When this is on the cheeks, it gives a glow just as the name suggests. This is an interesting product as it’s in a pot instead of a pan. It’s also very creamy. Personally, I apply everything with a brush, but I’m sure for those who love applying with their fingers could do that as well.

NYX Butter Lip BalmNYX Butter Lip Balm in Macaron: Everyone seems to be going crazy over anything with the word “butter” in it, especially if it’s by NYX. This is definitely moisturizing, but it wont save your already chapped lips. It only enhances dry skin, which is a bummer. This goes on a bit sheer, but the color is beautiful and bright.

Ulta Lipstick #225Ulta Lipstick in #225: Lately I’ve been loving the idea of nude colors, especially for spring. This particular color is more of a brown nude. The lipstick is a bit moisturizing, which is a bonus. Somehow I always put more coats on than necessary only because I love feeling the moisture (You do that, too, right?). I wear this on it’s own (no lip pencil or gloss) and love it!

Maybelline Limited Edition LipstickMaybelline Limited Edition Nude Lipstick Line in Nude Embrace and Barely Bronze: Can I just say that I’m pretty sad these are limited edition? These colors are beautiful! Barely Bronze has a bit of a shimmer to it, which I don’t normally go for shimmer in my lip products these days, but the color is so beautiful and it enhances the look. Nude Embrace is pretty much the perfect pink nude you could possibly find. If it didn’t take me so long to go through lipsticks, I would consider buying another for backup since it’s limited edition.

Ulta Maybelline Nude ComparisonHere’s a little comparison with the two nude colors I have. At first when I bought these two colors (Nude Embrace and #225) I thought they were pretty similar. Next to each other, you can see they are definitely two different tones.

SwatchesO.P.I Gargantuan Green GrapeO.P.I Gargantuan Green Grape: This isn’t exactly makeup, but needs to be noted that I will be living in this color this spring. It’s officially deemed my “happy color” and is the perfect blend of a light green blue I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe there’s anything else Like it. Other than nudes for the lips, anything with mint green, baby blue, or a mix of light green blue has pretty much been my newest favorite color family. I can’t explain why, but it really has an impact of lifting my mood.

The only thing about this polish that I discovered is that it apparently has two different versions. There’s a blue version, which I think is the one I have and must be the reason I was very confused when I read “green grape” in the color name, and a more minty version. I found a blog post that you can read here that compares the two. It might have been a mislabel, but I’m loving it either way!

What are your current makeup or polish loves for spring?

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