Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside…

baby it's still cold outside

Who else is ready for Spring? Between the Polar Vortex and the snow storms we’ve had, including today, I’m done. I was excited for the snow days at the beginning of the season (because who doesn’t love watching that gorgeous stuff come down with a warm cup of something in your hands?), but I think the polar Vortex officially did me in. Below freezing temps just isn’t where it’s at.

Yesterday we experienced temps in the sixties and today we have snow. What gives, Mother Nature? I have to say that it’s always refreshing to experience a day  walking around without my coat after being bundled up for so long. But we’re all wrapped up tight and warm today, that’s for sure!

IMG_2572{Here’s our cat, Lucky, yesterday either bird watching our waiting for the snow. We knew it was coming despite the warmer weather!}

Here’s a few pictures I managed to snap today as the snow continued to fall (and blanket my hair) while we were shoveling ourselves out!

David & BrandieHolly bushDavid Shovelingholly berriesBrandie Snow Day in March{the snow piling on top of my head and even hanging onto my eye lashes!}

IMG_2583{Some days it’s the small things, like seeing whole snowflakes finding a home on my gloves}

IMG_2582Lucky{And this lazy kitty gets to have a lazy snow day with mom and dad safe and warm at home! We call this position “le sigh”.}

If you’re having a snow day like we are, we hope you’re staying warm! I’m probably enjoying my last hot chocolate right now for the season…

p.s. if you’re a hot chocolate lover and want to enjoy it after the season ends or have a craving for a piece of winter in the summer, check out my Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe!

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