101 in 1001

101 in 1001

I first heard about 101 in 1001 from Queen Victoria’s blog, The Boom Boom Room. I loved her list and the goals that she aspires to attain and she both inspired and encouraged me to make my own. I was also inspired by Rachel over at Atwell Adventures.

So what is 101 in 1001? It’s basically 101 goals you’d like to accomplish in 1001 days. I figured this would be perfect to start at the beginning of the New Year while everyone is setting their resolutions.

I’ll start off with things I’d love to learn how to make. I feel in recent years with the economy and websites such as Pinterest, it’s becoming more common to DIY. It seems as if we’re getting back to doing things the “old school” way, such as gift giving for example. I don’t mean this in an egotistical way, but there is something self satisfying when you’re done with your DIY project, it looks amazing, and it’s appreciated by others. It feels sort of like this:

I’d love to learn how to do/make:

1. can my own food

2. make my own facial/body scrub

3. make my own deodorant

4. learn how to re-purpose/paint a wooden chair

5. make my own front door wreath

6. design a ceramic mug and paint it gold

7. learn better money management/budgeting – and stick to it

8. re-purpose/paint a wooden antique desk or table (and use it as a desk?)

9. finish my wedding scrapbook

10. organize all of our wedding cards and turn them into a booklet

11. learn how to use an DSLR camera

Things to do as a couple:

12. buy a house

13. start a family

14. get a couples massage for the first time

15. go on a weekend getaway

16. take a day trip somewhere in the Fall to see the foliage

17. go to a drive-in movie theater

Self care, improvement, and otherwise:

18. do more at-home facials

19. take daily vitamins

20. take better care/more thorough care of my skin

21. get a facial for the first time

22. treat myself to a massage for the first time

23. make the effort to paint my nails more

24. eat more organic

25. learn a few vegetarian recipe’s

26. read through the Bible once

27. learn organization techniques to have better organized spaces at home.

28. use a planner to organize time/blog/business/money

29. have less clutter/get rid of things that cause clutter

30. Write things down more often (lists and such)

31. start journaling again a few times a week

32. write and send letters to friends via snail mail

33. spend more time with friends

34. host a dinner party

35. host a family Holiday dinner at our new home

36. continue reading devotionals every morning

37. use more essential oils

38. find and use gentle detox recipe’s

39. Use my Nutribullet more to make healthy smoothies

40. work out/get toned

41. do a three day or one week juice cleanse

42. consider vlogging more often

43. update my recipe box

44. make crust for apple pie from scratch

45. whittle down my makeup collection

46. invest in a foundation primer and eye primer

47. find a better and long lasting foundation

48. eliminate processed food from die (we’ve done a good job getting most things out, but this will always be an ongoing process with the occasional cheat day)

49. quit drinking soda (natural soda is the only exception and when eating pizza or at a party only)

50. learn more about whole foods

51. learn how to make whole food meals

52. make baked goods/desserts from scratch

53. Get a new laptop and organize files better

54. organize important documents

55. drink more water

56. invest in a quality basic black bag

57. meditate for at least 20 minutes a day

58. meal plan

59. host a “welcome Fall” themed party

60. host a Christmas party for friends

61. Experience NYC

62. visit a pumpkin patch

63. go to a craft fair in the Fall

63. visit Kringle Candle in Massachusetts

64. visit Yankee Candle in Williamsburg

65. take a photography class

66. revisit writing fiction

67. consider getting self-published if any fiction work is completed

68. attend a Yoga class

69: use coupons more (don’t let them expire!)

70. tweet more of my own stuff instead of retweeting

71. attend a Farmers Market

72. consider antique shops when buying “new” furniture for our new home

73. use coconut oil more often to reap its benefits

74. learn more natural/alternative remedies

75. keep homemade Elderberry juice on hand

76. talk to siblings more on the phone

77. clean out my jewelry collection and donate/throw out what I don’t want

78. purge clothes every season or every six months and donate

79. use my crockpot more and find recipe’s


80. host my own website

81. buy my domain name

82. monetize blog

83. take better blog pictures

84. consider buying a better camera – DSLR

85. consider purchasing Royale features on Picmonkey

86. get better at using Picmokey or any other free photo editing software

87. have a guest blogger

88. be a guest blogger

89. blog more often/get on a schedule

90. gain more viewers and comments on my blog

91. interact more with my readers

92. comment more on others blogs

Abscents Home Fragrances: 

93. have Abscents in at least one boutique

94. grow my Etsy audience

95. bring out 2 oz candles

96. bring out 2 oz scent shots for the people who like to melt wax instead of burn candles

97. expand into body care

98. expand into room sprays

99. consider stepping out of Etsy and hosting our own online store

100. have a few themed lines of candles available (ex: country, perfume)

101. consider opening our own boutique

End date: September 28, 2016

11 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. These are really great, Brandie. I’ve written a few helpful posts about how to host a dinner party and especially holiday parties, so check those out once you’re ready to tackle #34 and 35! Here’s to accomplishing each one of these in good time! A lot of people say the first step to accomplishing a goal is telling someone else, so you’re already on your way! Good luck! -Brian

    1. Thank you, Brian! I’ll have to definitely check them out. I have to agree that telling someone else about your goals makes you more accountable for seeing them through 🙂

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