Getting Healthy: Nutribullet Style

photo(51)A few weeks ago, late at night right before bedtime, one of those attention grabbing infomercials came on. Sprawled out in front of the host (and creator of the gadget) was an array of veggies and fruit. He said what was in front of him wasn’t a “blender” but an “extractor” of nutrition, calling it a NutriBullet, which breaks down the cell walls of the veggies and fruit allowing you to get their full benefits. I was amazed at the testimonials and how this product helped cure a number of diseases, proving to me that it really matters what we’re putting into our bodies. Almost without a second guess, my husband and I agreed we needed this and the call was made.

I was itching to try any combo I could get my hands on, hoping it would taste great and we would be getting healthier with ever sip. And let’s face it…our diet doesn’t consist of the proper amount of veggies and fruit that it should. It’s an easier way of getting them down and “blasting” them with the Nutribullet, turning them into pure liquid, that’s for sure!

Last Tuesday, our package came. I ripped it open with as much excitement as if it were Christmas morning, pouring over the books it came with (and one bonus book about natural healing foods, which I was specifically looking forward to), and finally making our first “nutriblast”.


The only thing I really had on hand at the time was frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries (both had been in the freezer for smoothie making purposes longer than I’d like to admit), an apple, and 100% Cranberry Pomegranate Juice. It turned out almost exactly like how I expected – yummy!



The next day, I went to the store and bought a few extra items to try in our nutriblasts: kale (we’ve never tried it before) and cucumber. I blended (or blasted) these with the same ingredients as the night before and it was just as good, surprisingly. Hopefully this is the start of something healthy!


I love the rainbow of colors!
A little frothy, but oh-so good!
A little frothy, but oh-so good!
Can you see the green?
Can you see the green?

12 thoughts on “Getting Healthy: Nutribullet Style

  1. Heya, I keep hearing about these little magic bullets and, judging by your post, it looks like a worthy investment to whip up healthy snacks! Thanks for the share and will be afk while I run to the store to get myself one haha 😉

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