Recent Guilty Pleasures

1. The Torkelsons

This early 90’s show probably was responsible for feeding my imagination in ways I can’t describe. I always remembered this show, forgetting the name of it, only to have been reminded of it all over again a few weeks ago thanks to a popular Youtuber, Elle Fowler.  Immediately I searched for it, finding the episodes on Youtube and have delved right in.

It brought me back to a simpler time in my life. I feel like I can relate to Dorothy Jane’s character of being a dreamer and talking to the Man on the Moon. I used to babble to the moon or God, when I was little constantly. I was always fascinated by her window seat and vowed that one day I would have one, too. I adored watching her and her t.v. family. There was something about it that drew me in, making me feel like I wanted to be there and be part of their family. I have to say, 19 episodes in, I still feel the same way and I can’t figure out why.

2. Pinterest

This has been such a distraction lately, but I love finding positive imagery and fun things to look at!

3. Pregnancy blogs

I’m chalking this one up to be because I’m just in that season of life when you really start thinking of babies. Not only that, I’ve always loved seeing the baby bump and watching it grow! Pregnant women have always fascinated me. Perhaps because I watched my mom have four more after me.

4. Christmas music

Okay, this just happened within the last day. I’m blaming my recent visit to Christmas Mouse, but it’s also just another way I add positivity into my life, as I love the Christmas season. I know we’re still far off from the real thing, but some days I love breaking out these tunes anyway!

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