Bidding Farewell To Summer

I’m fully prepared that this might be the last day we see 90 degree weather this year. Looking ahead into the next week, it looks like we’ll be greeted with pre-Fall 70 degree weather and I find myself mixed with emotions. I love Fall (everyone knows that by now), but we had such a cold and snowy winter and it makes me wonder if I’m really ready to start bundling up yet. Sure, I’m ready to wear my scarves and boots again, but it’s what’s after Fall that I’m not looking forward to.

For now, as we bid good-bye to Summer, here are some pictures to remember it by!

IMG_2829My oh-so-hot hubby casually playing Lacrosse

IMG_2875Donut Day

IMG_3020Okay, I might actually miss my husbands yummy burgers on the grill. And the grilled zucchini.



IMG_3032Summer is always a good excuse for my Father-in-law’s Mojitos. “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” he’d say! The chips and salsa aren’t bad, either…

IMG_3034Walks around the neighborhood with my love in warm weather…although I cannot tell you why he’s wearing a hoodie in this picture…What a weirdo!


IMG_3053Gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet I had in my friend’s wedding back in August.

IMG_3130Honey Bee…


IMG_3151Home grown tomatoes that were so incredibly delicious, I want to eat this picture!

IMG_3179And learning how to make Fried Green Tomatoes was probably one of my last Hoorah. I was so excited to make these that I might do a quick post on them soon!

Hope you all had a great summer and looking forward to what the Fall season brings you!

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